In the movie Dark City
There is a superior race of humanoid beings

Who have fashioned an underground city
From stolen human memories

They cannot exist much longer in this realm
And think the solution is in the human psyche

They use dead humans as vessels
Trying to learn what makes us so individual

There are captured and imprisoned humans
In the underground city
Whose memory of the above ground world
Has been erased

They control the events above ground
From behind the scenes

They have powerful telepathic energies
And come together in groups
To better focus their energy

There are entrances to the underground
All over the world
But are off limits

They are in:
Loch Ness and Fashven Hill Scotland
The Idaho part of Yellowstone National Park
Omsk and Tunsk Russia
Atlanta Georgia
Murrumbidgee New South Wales
Cairns Adeline Perth and Botany Bay Australia
Tokyo and Bungo Japan
Nanking and Shanghai China
Amsterdam Holland
Bonn and The Black Forest Germany
Dunedin and Wellington New Zealand
Orinoco River South America
Obidos Brazil
Lille and Cholet France
Stepney London
Thessaly Greece

The catacombs of Paris
And Odessa Ukraine
Are also gateways

When the apocalypse occurs
These portals will become open