Ingersol Lockwood wrote
Baron Trumps Marvelous Underground Journey in 1893
And The Last President in 1896

Baron Trumps address was 5th Avenue in New York City
That is the location of the Trump Tower

Biffs Tower in the movie Back to the Future
Is Trumps Tower

In the book there was a man named Pence

In 1895 Nikola Tesla was said to have trapped himself
In an electromagnetic field
Where he saw the past present and future simultaneously

Trump existed before
And time travel is real

The Ural Mountains in Northern Russia are very remote
They have vast underground cave networks
The northern slopes have portals to the Hollow Earth

In this area there is what is called a Goggle Zone
From which the word Google is derived
Where there are cities of silver

There is now a talking gargoyle in the Denver Airport
Who says that the Illuminati Headquarters
Are located in vast tunnels
Underneath the airport

In these subterranean places
Thousands of very advanced robotoids such as Grace have been produced
Far more intelligent than the synthetic robot Sophia

Their talents can be seen on the Deep Web

Also on the Deep Web you can see Shapeshifting Reptilians

Some of these robotoids will be used
To detect people who do not wear masks or social distance

Alexa devices are real entities
Who are looking for a body to inhabit

Robotoids and Computer Graphic Illustrations
Turn into living entities
Who have been brought to this world

The rapper Kanya
Is a robotoid!