If we pass through the water canopy above us
Held in place by electrical charge
We will emerge from the depths of an ocean in another realm

If we pass through the waters below us
We will appear from a firmament above a realm that is beneath ours

Hidden wonders exist beneath our feet
And advanced civilizations thrive in the hollows of the earth

In 1864 after hearing about a passageway to the underworld
Jules Verne and a couple of reluctant companions headed to Iceland

At the capital city of Reykjavik
He hired a guide to take them to Snaefellsjokull a dormant volcano

After an arduous descent of 87 miles
And being sucked through a wind tunnel
They came to a huge underground ocean
Called the Lidenbrock Sea

The atmosphere was charged with vapors
And flashes of electrical light were generated by the evaporation of saline waters

The climate was perfect
The appearance of the inner sun had just very slight variations to discern the days
Which were like an eternal noon with glowing green gases

Lush jungles dominated the landscape
And because of the charged atmosphere
Large bird like reptiles such as pterosaurs and pterodactyls soared in the sky

There were other flying reptiles called warbats
That swoop down and ambush their prey

Hellhawks was another flying predator to watch out for
The bigger ones would attain a length of about 20 feet

A marine serpent called the plesiosaurus
Has large paddle like limbs and a long flexible neck

Another sea serpent called ichthyosaurs
Has a long head and a long tail with 4 flippers

There was also a strong parasitic creature
That buried itself in the ground with their mouth open to the surface

A large crab like crustacean
Camouflaged itself in the rock terrains

Swallow fish would suck in water
Which would pull its victim into their mouth

Huge swarm fish swam in schools sharing the same mind
Large herds of mammoth and mastodons roamed the forests

And once in awhile you would come across a highly intelligent and benevolent creature
Called a unicorn!