When I was a young boy I had visitations from a spirit.
I would be sleeping and realize someone was near me.
After struggling to wake myself up I would see a shadowy figure.
Silent and standing still.
It would scare me to death!
I would get up and leave my room.

The idea of interdimensional beings is not as crazy as it might sound.
Manifesting oneself in different realms is a possibility.
It could be accomplished by entities who have mastered the art of operating at different frequencies.
If their realm vibrates at an energy level close to ours that would enable them easy access to our world.
But only a shadow or faint image of them would be seen.

I am a person who has had experiences with spirits his whole life.
Most are earth bound spirits that have recently passed on.
I can sense their emotional vibration whether it is of good or ill intent.
I also get an image in my mind of their appearance

The elite have funded investigation into these matters for a long time.
They know a lot more than we realize.

They keep many subjects concealed such as:
Human cloning
Soul Transference
Time Travel
Weather Control
Production of Natural Disasters
Holographic imagery
Artificial Intelligence
Sun Simulators

They produce fake wars, fake leaders and fake history.
Their control became complete in the early 1800’s.
When the Tartarian Empire was ambushed by energy weapons.

It is said that in 1812:
Napoleon went to war against Muscovy (Moscow) and some mysterious heavenly fire came and destroyed a lot of the city.
England went to war against Washington DC and it is claimed a tornado came and wiped out much of that city.
America went to war against Toronto and it is said a shockwave from exploding ammunition leveled many buildings while American troops looting the city burned most of it to the ground.

They want us to live in a false paradigm.
They want us to live in ignorance of the true nature of our existence.
They want us to believe in made up stories.
The Lewis and Clark Expedition being a prime example.

During the early 1800’s there were also stupendous earthquakes, volcanoes and other natural disasters.
All of these events were the result of high frequency electromagnetic devices.
Cities were in ruin.
Many others were wiped off the map.

The climate also changed.
Ice accumulated in the northern regions.
Geological formations were created.
Untold amounts of humans and animals were obliterated.
The world went from a highly sophisticated culture to a devastated one.

People had to start over.
It was a huge trauma.
And hard to cope with.
The consequences would be neurotic behavior.
Blocking out painful memories.
And a collusion to forget.
In order to bring structure and meaning back to life.
We took on a bicameral state of mind.
A duo personality of artificial gentility and survival mentality.
A zombie numbness to believe in anything that is emotionally satisfying.
A willingness just to obey and not question authority.

During the middle part of the 1800’s the infrastructure of cities were repaired.
That is why you only see pictures of the Capital building’s dome in Washington DC being rebuilt.
And not any illustrations depicting the whole building being constructed.

The repopulation of the devastated areas started in the mid 1800’s.
When immigrants were allowed in but only in the east.
Slaves and servants also came.
Then in the 1870’s orphan children were brought in on orphan trains to repopulate devastated areas.
The result of some breeding program.
Unwed mothers were forced to give up their children.
To be raised in monasteries.

They all became the working class.
While the controllers live in luxury behind the scenes.
Keeping in charge of government, media and big business.
Through their control of money.

They made up history making us believe we have evolved from primitive cultures.
They have disconnected all the disastrous events of the early 1800’s.
And spread them out into hundreds, thousands and even millions of years.

They have deceived us into believing we are on a round spinning globe orbiting the sun and racing through space.
And kept our attention on the delusion of a Star Trek like universe.

They hide their rapid modes of transportation.
That travel to the far reaches of our flat earthly plane.
Vast areas that only they know about.

Since the masses are allowed only in the central section.
They have to curb the population
By producing natural disasters and fake wars.

And one can see the influence of other entities in their activities.
The new Audience Hall at the Vatican is built in the shape of a serpent’s head.
Complete with eyes, tongue and mouth.
And decorated with reptilian statues.
It is said that an alliance was formed when stolen human babies were traded for precious jewels.

Famous people are being cloned.
As are very attractive people.
All they need is a couple drops of blood to make a clone.
Then when a person is sleeping their soul can be stolen and transferred to the clone.
Or a soul is taken from a baby or young child and inserted into the clone.

Politicians, newscasters and entertainers exhibit subtle reptilian characteristics.
Cyborgs are now in certain sports.
Synthetic robotoids are also starting to make their appearance.
But the public is completely unaware.

There are reminders of previous civilizations sprinkled throughout our present one.
Bridges, damns and lighthouses to name a few.
And going back farther there are the pyramids.
The purpose of sophisticated underground living quarters
Such as the one in Derinkuyu, Turkey
Was to escape above ground aerial assaults.

The earliest civilization consisted of giants.
The bones of which have been found all over the world.
But have been stealthily confiscated and disregarded.

The systematic slaughter of billions of animals a year continues.
As we are encouraged to eat them.
The enormous cruelty to them is hidden or presented as acceptable.
The consumption of our fellow earthlings keeps our vibration low.
And makes us easier to control.

The great American experiment also involves the massive inundation of chemicals.
Put into the environment from chemtrails sprayed by aircraft
And the dispersion of harsh chemicals on our food and water.
City parks, school playgrounds and roads are sprayed with very poisonous chemicals.
These activities make people not only sick but more synthetic.
And less able to have consideration for others.
And easier to control.

We do ruthless and heartless experiments on animals.
But don’t realize we are just an experiment.
We are injected with vaccines literally and figuratively.
To see what will happen.

In ancient times our skies were alive with the plasma orbs we call planets.
They at first circled the cosmic polar column
Some of these orbs settled right on the celestial axis.
Moving towards and away from Earth.
Others shifted more erratically
But they all interacted electrically
And formed plasma configurations

Time was determined by the brightening and dimming of Saturn.
All eyes were fixed upon the heavens.
Many people thought that these plasma orbs were gods.
These cosmic spheres were anthropomorphized and given human traits.
Religion developed from these lost gods.
The ritualistic sacrifices practiced by the elite have their origin in these events.

In the near future there will be fake images of celestial phenomenon.
Of Planet X
And a devastating comet

Of Aliens
The Messiah
And the Anti-Christ
But it will be holographic imagery.

In the 1962 Twilight Zone episode ‘To Serve Man’
Aliens came and pretended to be our friends.
But their purpose was to have us for dinner.

The alien manifestation will be our reptilian overlords revealing themselves.
Claiming to be from outer space.
But actually from underground networks.

They will also assert to be our friends.
Or maybe long lost relatives.
But like in the Twilight Zone episode they will have ulterior motives.

We will think we are free
But in actuality be living in a factory farm.
Where we are bred for consumption.
Just like what we do to animals.

They view us as just another animal.
The importance they place on us.
Is similar to the value we place on other animals.
Where exploitation is normalized.

But we are animals too.
The human animal.
And what comes around goes around.