The creators of our realm are a mystery.
But they are not unlike a kid watching an ant farm.
They watch with interest and not empathy.
And are not intervening.
Intervention comes from departed souls.
Or souls from other realms.
There are many realms in our universe.
Each with it’s own frequency.
An alien living as a human does not come from a planet.
But from another realm.
These humans don’t often realize they are alien.
In the attempt to push everything back into remote antiquity fake geological ages were invented.
Dark ages were drummed up.
And concurrent civilizations were falsely made to supersede each other and last hundreds or even over a thousand years.
The creation event as spoken of in myth and religion is just a reordering of the sky.
The planets were congregated at the celestial North Polar Axis because of the attraction of the high charge emanating from there.
The North Polar Axis was the Spirit of God.
Before that there was a period of perpetual darkness or purple haze.
Quoting from the Mayan Popul Vuh:
In the beginning there was only still sky and the still (celestial) sea. Nothing moved and there was no sun or moon to give light. Only god (Saturn) was surrounded by his own light and He was in the heart of the still, dark sky.
The Hindus believe the sky was like a sea without a light. And there was only water and a starless night.
In Finnish lore the universe was plunged in darkness because there was neither sun nor moon nor stars shining in the sky.
Native Americans have the same belief: In the beginning there was only The Chief in the sky. No sun, moon or stars. No light at all. Only emptiness and darkness.
And Genesis 1:2 Darkness was over the face of the deep (celestial ocean).
This era of darkness was the time of Atlantis.
Highly advanced humans who could communicate telepathically.
They built pyramids all over the world which generated and transmitted energy.
The pyramid complex at Giza is shaped like a giant computer board.
All beings lived in relative harmony because of the abundance.
The air was filled with energy.
This atmospheric ether was sustenance for all life.
Trees and plants reached incredible heights.
There was a wide variety of humans and animals.
Races of humans living simple tribal lives.
Giants of many kinds.
Elves and fairies were common.
And reptilian humans.
Animals especially reptiles were adapted to this darker environment.
As witnessed by their better eyesight in a nocturnal setting.
The end of this age of darkness coincided with the flare-up of Saturn.
And the beginning of the Golden Age.
Saturn shed a golden light.
Which caused reptilians to move underground.
In my estimation this occurred a little over 1000 years ago.
Time entered the world and humans started rendering time.
The Greek name for Saturn is Kronos which means time.
The downfall of Atlantis occurred soon after the beginning of this new age.
The high energy technology was usurped and used as a weapon.
Soon afterwards the Tartarian Empire arose.
Cities were built not unlike modern cities but with advanced architecture.
Amazing water pumping and transportation systems.
And cathedrals which were for energy manufacturing and distribution through sound waves.
The sound waves were formed through acoustics and special symmetry.
The energy was then transmitted through portals.
They also created atmospheric energy collection devices.
They also built astonishing star shaped edifices that utilized the earth’s energy.
Which are now erroneously said to be old military forts.
They had sprawling electrical streetcar systems on railways.
The secret Order of the Rosicrucians was formed as the Tartarian Empire arose.
Rosicrucian means Rose Cross or Red Cross.
Which was a celestial phenomenon of intersecting plasma currents when Mars was in front of Venus.
The same cross the god Mars appeared to die on.
Jesus was given the attributes of Mars to appear as a god.
Rosicrucians started working with the reptilian humans to overthrow Tartaria.
This was the Deal with the Devil.
When a Tartarian city was eradicated of it’s inhabitants with energy weapons the Rosicrucians had it all to themselves.
Because of this they became known as the Free Masons.
The Age of the Gods was a dynamic era.
Planets hovered above our world at close proximity.
These celestial orbs electrically interacted with one another creating plasma formations.
Religion began.
But was repeatedly modified to be used as a control mechanism.
Other accounts of the celestial gods were demoted to mythology.
Noah’s ark was a celestial event.
Noah was Saturn.
The flood was the expansion of Saturn’s circumstellar disk which was seen as a celestial ocean.
The ark was a revolving crescent upon the face of Saturn.
This took place about 700 years ago.
The fall of the Tower of Babel is the disintegration or disappearance of the North Polar Axis.
The North Polar Axis is the stream of electrical current that creates the Aurora Borealis.
This led to the death of the Immortal Gods.
About 600 years ago.
Venus however stayed around for about another hundred years in the form of a brilliant comet circling the sky.
The change in atmospheric energy caused certain animals to become carnivorous.
And caused humans to begin cultivation of land for sustenance.
Humans also started eating animals.
But since human anatomy is geared toward being herbivores this carnivorous activity decreased their vibration.
Jesus lived approximately 550 years ago.
He was made out to be a god so that Tartarian countries could be infiltrated through religion.
Natural disasters were being utilized by the control of high energy to quench the Tartarians.
The Tartarian Empire was slowly being taken over.
This wielding of intense energy melted the terrain into mud.
The civilizations of Egypt, Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome, India, China etc are fabrications.
They were contemporary and succeeded the defeated Tartarians.
In 1776 the Tartarians in North America were defeated.
That same year the Illumanati was formed.
Which would hold all positions of power in the new American government.
To keep an all seeing eye on the population.
The reset of 1811 -1817 was a worldwide event.
Volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, comets, climate change and liquefaction of the terra firma.
The world’s population was decreased by 90%.
Breeding programs led to repopulation of cities.
New arrivals traveled around on horses and buggies amongst incredible Tartarian architecture.
Most of the current white race can be traced back to these breeding programs.
The Tartarians had amazing free energy systems throughout the world.
But these had to be down away with in order to control the population.
Energy, money, education and religion had to be centralized to keep dominion over the people.
Carnism was encouraged.
For the production of negative energy.
Which the reptilian humans feed off of.
History was fabricated.
All modern wars are arranged and planned many years in advance.
Reptilians built cities underground.
In the earth’s vast hollow areas.
Now there are also clandestine and covert subterranean tunnels, bases and facilities.
And well stocked doomsday hideaways for the few to wait out the next planned catastrophe.
Dulce AFB in New Mexico has an underground system of great depth with many levels.
They do mind, genetic, bacterial and energy experiments on humans.
They are doing interspecies experiments.
And developing a synthetic superhuman.
One floor is referred to as Nightmare Hall.
With vast rooms possessing rows of jars containing live human heads.
Clones are now common.
But are the result of soul stealing.
A vast tunnel network was discovered under Los Angeles in 1933.
People started exploring it and disappeared.
Screams were heard and word got around that there were reptilian creatures.
It was closed off and forbidden to go into.
Another famous underground reptilian encounter was in 2010 involving miners in Chile.
They were told to be quiet about the whole incident but were not.
And were systematically killed.
The reptilian takeover of humans is portrayed in the 1956 movie Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
In the small California town of Santa Mira people are telling Dr. Miles Bennell that someone close to them is acting strange.
That they look sound and act like the real person but are not.
Their emotional connection is all wrong.
That they have somehow changed and are not who they appear to be.
It is as if their soul has been replaced.
In real life when a person is taken over by a reptilian they are called a drone or mimic.
They thrive on fear, terror and death.
Music videos, Super Bowl halftime shows, movies, Free Mason rituals, various statues and the Vatican Assembly Hall all portray the reptilian presence.
A New World Order is planned.
A coming disclosure will make out the reptilians to be aliens from a planet in another galaxy coming to help us.
Maybe hearing our distress from the corona virus pandemic.
But in reality are from underground intending to enslave us.
There are now many hybrids.
The offspring of drones and humans.
But they are more like pawns and are not the ones yielding the power.
And most do not even realize they are hybrids.
Just like the humans who are alien and do not even know it.
The hybrids can display human emotion.
Just like Mr. Spock from Star Trek.
Who was half Human and half Vulcan.
Vulcans do not have emotion.
Mr. Spock did not have much emotion but was capable of it.
And many times his human side won out.
And like Mr. Spock these hybrids can be very much human.
Many famous people now are hybrids.
Drones, hybrids and clones are ever present.
Humans are supposed to feed off the positive emotion of love.
And Mr. Spock who is a characterization of these hybrids responded to this powerful force.