As your higher self guides you and shifts you
As beliefs that make you see negatively are cleared

As awareness increases that you exist in different versions
In realms that are running simultaneously
Which you can tune into by matching the thought patterns of

You will open ion gates in the filaments of your mind
And neurons will fire awareness and goodness through the synapses

You will send out photons
And vibrate people into your life

With the right intention you will generate enough charge
That you can positively affect people or animals with your mind
Without any limitations of time or distance

The energy field will vibrate your charge
When you alchemize and integrate higher energy

Treat yourself as a sacred sovereign being
Be aware of what you choose as spiritual food

The town where I live has 3 small rivers
One is called Paradise Creek because it sprouted up pure mineral water
Gold also came up occasionally

All the 20 some outlets have been covered up
And the creek is now full of pesticides from the surrounding farmlands

The unhealthy water is treated by pouring toxic chemicals in it
So I buy distilled water at the local health food store

The replacements of the former Tartarian people
Are supposed to be kept suppressed at a low vibration

The college campus had electrical trains running up and down the steep hills
The whole Tartarian rail system to nearby towns has been dismantled

Cell phone towers are doing what nonexistent satellites are reported as doing

In the Game of Thrones
Beyond the ice wall is a magic and wonderous land
With many fascinating and amazing spectacles to behold

It is a place where people are not lied to

It is like what it used to be here!