Basketball! What a fun sport! A lot of fast paced action! If you’re good at it you can get a lot of recognition and notoriety. If you are a good shooter than you can be the star! And if you’re a good three point shooter than your point total will pile up fast. So here’s some tips on shooting beyond that 3 point arc.
First of all have your feet squared up to the basket. Shooting is a rhythm. Shooting a jump shot is easier if you are facing the basket.
The highest percentage 3-point shot is when you are shooting at the top of the key. Shooting towards the front of the basket is easier than shooting towards a side.
Shoot when you are at your maximum jumping height. Your arms and hands are more relaxed at this moment. Pushing with you legs makes it easier to have a nice rhythmic wrist motion.
If you are moving to one side take an extra thought into having your feet squared up. Realize that you will not have as much push from your legs. Thus you will need to use a little more strength into your wrist motion as you shoot.
Always make sure you have plenty of arc on your shot. The chances of the ball going through the hoop increases when the ball is coming down from a higher arc.
If you are not a great jumper than concentrate on rhythm.
Girls typically have a nice smooth motion when they shoot. Even though they are not as good of jumpers as guys they more easily get into their rhythm. That is also why in many instances girls are better free throw shooters because of the nice smooth flow in their shot.
But it is harder for girls to shoot while they are guarded because the ball is more out in front of them.
Shooting is a also a mindset. Be confident. You see it so much when someone hits their first shot or two that their confidence grows and they wind up having a big night.
Have the mindset that this is your favorite shot no matter where you are shooting.
Be relaxed. Jump as high as you can and keep a relaxed flow during your shooting process.
Release the ball at a comfortable spot. It depends on the strength of your legs and arms. Of course the more height of your release is the harder it is for someone to block your shot.
When you are shooting focus your eyes right where you want the ball to go. Visualize the ball going right over the rim into the basket. Have a picture in your mind of the ball swishing through the net.
Even as you begin your shooting process picture in your mind the ball going through the cylinder. And expect it to!
Have your hands follow through pointing directly to the hoop. The fingers should come down and the back of your wrist should wind up facing towards the basket.
Because shooting is a rhythm keep your body in a rhythm when you are shooting. Shooting involves your whole body.
Keep your confidence. Tell yourself beforehand you will not let anything bother your mindset. Whether it is an important game or unruly fans.
Always have a confident mindset even if you missed your last shot. Fear is the great defeater. Confidence breeds success! When doubts come into your mind actively change those thoughts. Switch them to thinking how great you are no matter what has transpired.
Never be intimidated by your defender. Actively put thoughts of outdoing your opponent into your mind.
Do not put pressure on yourself. Negative thoughts will tighten your arms and you will not have your normal shot.
If you notice you are tightening up then change your thoughts!
Your shooting percentage will be maximized when you follow this advice.
You can play with confidence no matter what the situation.
Expecting a swish will help it come about!