First of all have your feet squared up to the basket. Shooting is a rhythm. Shooting a jump shot is easier if you are facing the basket. The highest percentage 3-point shot is when you are shooting at the top of the key. That is because you are at your maximum jumping height while shooting and you are squared away towards the basket and your arms more relaxed as a result. If you are moving to one side especially your off-hand side take an extra thought into having your feet squared up. And if you are moving from side to side maybe you need to shoot more of a set shot so that you do not disturb your arm motion when you are trying to jump. Shooting is a also a mindset so have the mindset of ‘this is your favorite shot no matter where you are shooting’. Your body should be in the position where you can shoot comfortable. Your hands and arms should be relaxed. Jump as high as you can without throwing off your flow. Jumping is good for a shot because it allows for less pressure on your arms and wrists. If you are a high jumper with strong arms then hold the ball more over your head when you shoot. But if you are not a high jumper shoot more of a set shot. Start with the ball in front of your chest and have your release right above your head. Maybe only have the toe section of your shoes touch the floor. Focus your eyes right where you want the ball to go which is right over the rim. Take an extra second to focus your eyes there. Have your hands follow through pointing directly to the basket. The fingers should come down and the back of your wrist pointing directly to the basket. Because shooting is a rhythm keep your body in a rhythm when you are shooting. Right when you are starting your movement to a shooting position picture in your mind the ball going through the hoops. Picture the ball floating towards the hoop and when you are releasing the ball shoot it as if you were going to make it float in the air going right over the rim and through with a swish. Always have a confident mindset even if you missed your last shot. When doubts come actively change these thoughts. Switch them to thinking you will succeed. Think of yourself as a success. Never be intimidated by your defender. You can actively play with confidence which will come out and shine. Players put pressure themselves when they shoot. When they shoot in a situation where they think no one expects them to make the shot it seems to take the pressure off. So do not entertain negative thought such as doubt when you shoot. Only thoughts that promote confidence. Leave the court with a swish!