Animal flesh comes in a neatly wrapped package in the store.
And it is served with spices, seasonings and various foods. The average person does not associate meat with an animal.
All animals can feel pain and suffer. Just like yourself. Just like your pet dog.
What is the difference between a pig and a dog that one should be loved and one should be put in a gas chamber where they burn from the inside out in excruciating pain. Then hoisted upside down and get their throat slit.
Pigs typically are held in gestation crates where they cannot even turn around. They are treated like objects.
Pigs are smarter than dogs and can play very simple video games.
They are also very affectionate. They can make a great pet just like a dog.
We use the terms pork, bacon or sausage to separate our actions of eating dead animals from the reality of suffering that an animal must go through to end up on our dinner plate.
Our minds are disengaged from what has actually taken place.
Our natural ability to feel for an animal gets extinguished.
And our innate capacity to examine morally incomprehensible executions of innocent beings goes unused.
In other words nobody wants to even think about it.
We use the terms hamburger, beef or steak to conceal the fact that a cow has been recently murdered so that someone can enjoy a taste pleasure for a few minutes.
We say milk without even thinking it was breast milk from a cow intended for her new-born calf.
Cows are very maternal creatures just like human mothers. They carry their unborn child for about nine months also. They will try and protect their offspring any way they can just like human mothers.
When a new-born calf is being stolen so that we can steal the milk intended for them their mother will give chase and then grieve the loss of her child. When cows are artificially inseminated or in other words raped and their child stolen enough times they become numb like a human mother would.
After 5 or 6 years of being repeatedly raped and of having her child stolen and being confined in small quarters she loses her will to live. She is considered spent because her milk production drops off and she is sent to the slaughterhouse.
We use the terms veal, baby back ribs or tender sirloin to block out the fact that we are devouring a new born calf.
Everyone knows how innocent, cute and loving these animals are. We would never want to harm them ourselves. But we pay other people to beat them unconscious over the head with a hammer or shoot a pellet into their head in order to try and stun them so that they can hang them upside down and cut their throat.
Our actions are not aligned with our morals.
Most all the animals we kill to consume are just babies or young infants.
Chickens are portrayed as very stupid and worthless. Actually they are intelligent and loving.
We use the term eggs without thinking that these are the menstruation period of a hen. Even if they are unfertilized the hen needs them to replace her depleted calcium. When her eggs get stolen it greatly stresses her out.
They normally produce about 12 to 15 reproductive cells (eggs) a year just like a human female.
But they are genetically modified and their living conditions altered with incessant light so that they will produce many more eggs.
They are also stuffed in cages. They get their beaks cut off so that they won’t peck each other while crammed in these small cages.
Free range only means stuffed in a huge warehouse or barn. The only time they experience sunlight is on their way to the slaughterhouse.
They get hung upside down on a conveyer belt which leads to a electric blade. They try to avoid the blade and many have their necks only partially cut and have to be manually slammed against a wall to finally kill them.
Fish are also portrayed as being unthinking and unfeeling objects. Research has shown not only do they have a lot of intelligence they are even more sensitive to pain than humans. When a fish is struggling for their life on a hook the pain and suffering and desperation is similar to what a human would experience in those same conditions.
It is the same with lambs. So gentle and harmless. Yet we mercilessly stab them and cut their throat. We think it is normal and natural to do this. When it is barbaric and evil.
We strip off feathers from ducks and geese to stuff pillows and blankets. That is equivalent to someone ripping the hair off your head.
We call wild animals ‘game’ in order to make us feel OK when we shoot or trap them.
All animal products whether it is leather, wool, down, honey or silk is the result of cruelty.
But people are waking up.
They are demanding cruelty free products.
More and more vegan products are showing up in stores.
You can get any of your favorite food now in vegan options.
And it is a lot more healthier.
And once your taste buds have adjusted you will find them even more tastier.
Spiritual growth means to expand.
Even to other species
To all species
And all life
And then demand fair treatment to all!