Because of the pouring rain one day I decided to go to the mall. While there I was approached and asked if I wanted to try a sample of pork sausage.
I said “Do you know what this really is? It is a portion of a chopped up pig that has had to endure life on a factory farm where there is zero compassion. Where they have to spend all their lives in a small cage not even being able to turn around. Then they are sent to the slaughter house where they are beaten, electrocuted, hung upside down and get their throats slit. Then while they are still struggling for their freedom they are immersed in hot scolding water and die in terrible agony. Do you think that’s right?”
She said “They’re just animals.”
I said “They are aware of what is going on and can feel everything just like we would. Do you have morals? Do you believe in – Do not do unto others what you would not want done to you?”
She said They’re not people.”
I said “Beings who are alive and breathe, who think and feel, and who have hopes and desires just like we do deserve respect!”