Cows milk is very different from human milk.
It is designed to wean a 70 pound calf into a 800 pound cow.
So it has a lot more protein. But this produces metabolic disturbances in humans.
It causes inflammation and allergic reactions. It produces acne and accelerates aging.
It will also make you gain weight.
When you drink milk or eat any dairy products you also consume a large amount of pus. Pus is the bacteria build-up from scrapes and cuts and wounds caused by the machines that are sucking the milk from the cow against her will.
The cow is first raped with a rape rod.
Like any mammal she will only produce milk after she is pregnant.
Like human females the mammary glands will only start secreting milk when she is ready to give birth.
After she gives birth her baby is stolen from her.
The baby is taken away so they won’t drink their mothers milk which of course is intended for them.
The mother cow tries her hardest to protect her baby but can only do so much.
She follows the abductors as far as she can.
Crying out.
She then mourns for weeks afterwards.
Her milk is then stolen for human use.
If a male the baby calf will be slaughtered for veal.
If a female she will be hooked up to the same milking machines and used as a milk producing slave all her life just like her mother.
The poor cow becomes demoralized by being treated as a slave, being raped, having her babies taken from her and being continually hooked up to the cold abrasive milking machines.
After about 5 or 6 years the female cow will be considered spent because her milk production drops off.
She will then be sent to the slaughterhouse.
Cows are also continually being pumped full of synthetic hormones to make their mammary glands produce more milk.
These synthetic hormones are then passed on to the consumer.
Cows are also injected with many antibiotics.
This is because they are forced to live in unsanitary conditions where bacteria spreads easily.
Bacteria spreads because of the infections from the milking machines.
Dairy is murder for profit.
Rape for profit.
Child abduction for profit.
And slavery for profit.
Besides bacteria, synthetic hormones and antibiotics in the milk there is also blood and other secretions.
Cows’ milk acidifies the human body which forces a biological correction.
The acidic compounds have to be neutralized by the kidneys.
This produces ammonia as a by-product which is a poison.
Kidney failure has become prevalent because of the consumption of dairy products.
Humans are the only species who drink the milk from another species.
Only human milk is meant for humans. And only for baby humans. Once a baby is weaned their is no reason to continue the drinking of milk. That is why milk production stops once the baby is weaned.
Cows milk is meant only for baby cows.
Goat milk is meant only for baby goats.
Zebra milk is meant only for baby zebras.
Each species has their own particular milk which is suited just for them.
There are now healthy vegan alternatives to all dairy products.
Not only are they cruelty free they taste better!
Vegan cheese.
Vegan yogurt.
Vegan ice cream.
Almond milk. Soy milk. Hemp milk. Macadamia Nut milk. Soy milk. Coconut milk. And more!
Join the Revolution!
And live according to your values!