Cows milk is very different from human milk. It is designed to wean a 70 lb. calf into a 800 lb. cow so it has a lot more protein. But this produces metabolic disturbances in humans. It causes inflammation. And acne. It accelerates aging. It causes allergic reactions. And will make you gain weight.

When you drink milk or eat any dairy products you also consume a large amount of pus. Pus is the bacteria build-up from scrapes and cuts and wounds caused by the machines that are sucking the milk from the cow against her will. Also against her will is the taking of her baby. To be slaughtered for veal if a male and to be used as a milk-producing slave all her life if a female. Then after a few years of constant pregnancy by being raped with a machine (because of course a cow will only produce milk after she gives birth) and being continually sucked by another machine and being pumped full of synthetic hormones (which is passed on to the consumer) the dairy cow is sent to the slaughter house. So you see the whole system is animal slavery and murder for profit

Cows’ milk acidifies the human body which forces a biological correction. To neutralize the acid the human body will use the calcium stored in the bones. Thus the bones become brittle. So this is why the USA – the country that consumes the most dairy products – has by far the highest rate of osteoporosis.

Humans are the only species who drink the milk from another species. Human milk is meant for humans. Cows milk is meant for cows. And once cows or any animal are weaned they will quit drinking milk. Humans are the only species who continue to drink milk after they are weaned. And the milk is not their own. But stolen from cows – meant for their own offspring.

So whatever dairy product you eat. Cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, ice cream, milk etc. you are still consuming the pus (harmful bacteria) from open sores created by the exploitation of the poor enslaved cow. Plus you are promoting this abhorrent treatment of these gentle sentient beings. And you are depleting your body of calcium. And you are ruining your skin and causing premature aging. There are many healthy vegan alterntives now. Vegan cheese which tastes even better in my opinion. Almond milk is much heathier and better tasting. And yummy healthy vegan ice cream. Choose the cruely free option which is also better for you. Your body will thank you! And so will the enslaved animals chained up on dairy farms!