Humans see oppression vividly when they’re the victim. Otherwise they have a tendency not to be very interested in the causes of others. And even contributing to the oppression if it benefits them. Now most people say they are for the rights and freedoms of humans and certain animals. But what about the other animals who are equally if not more intelligent and have the same emotional capability. Animals that think, love, fear, feel pain, feel joy very similar to us.

Why are they being confined to small spaces for all their lives? Then hauled off in huge truck. Get electrocuted to go a certain way then hung upside down and have their throats slit? All the while struggling to free themselves with everything they have and feeling all the pain we would if we were in that circumstance.

We have a psychotic addiction to meat, cheese, milk and eggs. Which must be abolished. If you eat animals you are an indirect cause of the pain and suffering and you are polluting your own soul in the process. Animals do not want to die. Murdering them and selling their flesh for profit is wrong. Freedom is a God-given right. But the date of execution is set when you are born an animal in captivity.  God’s creation is being enslaved, tortured and murdered! Would God want that?

Humans are victimizing animals to such a degree that they are treated as a commodity like a pair of shoes or a sandwich. Tearing up inanimate objects brings more emotion than ripping apart a living, feeling, breathing animal. Get your compassion back!

Stop filtering your food through the body of an animal. Go to the sources directly – plants, nuts, fruits, grains, seeds.  Plants have all the nutrients and vitamins we need. Every single plant on this planet has protein. Calcium comes from plants and nuts. When we consume what swims, flies and walks that’s abnormal.

But we’re hooked on animals for food as if it was laced with cocaine. There’s very little nutritional value in meat, dairy, eggs. Addicts tend to be illogical. The dairy industry steals babies from their mothers so that they can sell her milk to ignorant humans. Cows milk is not good for us. Neither is zebras’ milk or cats’ milk. We have no use for any milk, besides humans milk up until we are weaned.

Make amends, evolve, and move forward! Don’t believe the slick marketing adds of the dairy industry. We are being programmed not to care. If there was dogs or cats or kids in those slaughter houses we would be yelling bloody murder! But since it’s chickens and cows and pigs and fish does that all of a sudden make it OK? Why protest one victim and ignore another victim? The defenseless animals just wishes it would end!

The worst transgression in all of history is the belief that animals were made for us to eat and wear. There is no way to justify what we are doing to them! Why would a person fight against compassion? Why would a living thinking feeling breathing being be denied the Golden Rule? No one wants to be treated the way we treat pigs! Like we treat cows! Like we treat chickens! Like we treat dogs or cats in certain countries! Etc. Why do we pick and choose animals to be nice to? While with others we choose to oppress, harm, torture and murder! Humans have brilliant technology but they have the most stupid ethics!

Even the wild animals have it hard. Because they are hunted, trapped, poisoned etc. And because we have claimed all the land.

And people think vegans are weird. Are we the ones that crave a corpse of a dismantled body? Are we the ones with somebody else’s rib cage on our plate? Or delight in eating severed legs! Sliced up thighs! And on Thanksgiving stuffs bread up a dead turkey’s ass that is teeming with bacteria? And people think vegans are weird? Bees vomit up their own food to get through the winter but we take it from them and call it honey. Eating another beings’ vomit is not weird? Eating someone else’s liver is not strange? Do these things at least make you think twice?

Paying someone to sexually molest a cow and squeeze her tits so that you can steal her milk is all right? Eating hens’ eggs that come out of her ass is normal? We are promoting brutality as long as we consume milk, cheese, meat and eggs.

You have to choose to be radically kind. You have to choose never intentionally to do harm. To renounce anything that takes advantage of or violates in any way. So that horns won’t be ripped off, beaks sliced, testicles ripped off, females raped!

Or you can be habitually cruel and accept the status quo. Which prevents most animals from receiving one ounce of kindness. And keeps the knife in their throat!