Humans see oppression vividly when they’re the victim. Otherwise they have a tendency to turn a blind eye. And even contributing to the oppression if it benefits them or if it makes them feel good somehow.
A psychopath is someone that is unable to feel for someone else. Someone who is so absorbed with themselves that what happens to someone else is irrelevant to them.
Now most people say they are for the rights and freedoms of humans and certain animals. Such as dogs, cats, horses and dolphins. But what about farm animals? Cows, pigs, chickens and sheep are equally if not more intelligent and have the same emotional capability. They think, love, fear and feel pain. Just like other animal including the human animal.
Why are certain animals being discriminated against? Why are they being confined to small spaces all their lives? Why are they at a young age hauled off to the slaughterhouse?
For Taste Pleasure? Convenience? Tradition? Are any of these reasons worth a life? 
We get all the nutrients we need from plants. Every plant in the world has protein. We do not need to filter our nutrients and protein through animals.
The truth is humans have a psychotic addiction to meat, cheese, milk and eggs. We were brought up eating them and have not questioned the consumption of them. When we eat animals or their excretions we pay and support those who are exploiting animals for profit.
Freedom is a God-given right. Animals do not want to die. But the date of their execution is set the day they are born in captivity.
God’s special creation is being enslaved, tortured and murdered.
The psychosis has progressed to such a degree that living beings are used for a sandwich or a pair of shoes.
Tearing up inanimate objects brings more emotion than ripping apart a living, feeling, breathing animal.
Get your compassion back!
There is no reason that justifies killing an animal that is doing no one any harm.
It is a psychotic person who participates in a harmful act without even thinking about it.
Like a drug addict, people are hooked on animal flesh as if it was laced with cocaine. Addicts focus on the momentary pleasure without considering the long term consequences. That is a psychological problem.
It is the unconscious mind driven by fear that controls many of our decisions.
What humans are doing is eating the corpse of a dismantled body. They are eating someone else’s severed leg or sliced up arm. Eating someone else’s liver should be considered abnormal. Having someone else’s ribcage on our plate is neurotic. Stuffing bread up a dead turkey’s ass teeming with bacteria and calling it stuffing without even thinking of what you are actually doing is a sign of a repressed psycho. When we consume that which swims, flies, walks or runs that’s psychopathic.
We drink the milk of another species without even thinking about it. Why don’t we drink dogs milk? Or zebra milk?
Cow’s milk is intended for a baby cow. But they are killed so we can steal it.
Psychologically speaking that is sick.
A psychoanalysis of this behavior is disillusionment and repressed conflicts that keeps the oppressor in fear. This subconscious program needs to be brought into the conscious mind and rationally explored.
The therapy is to choose to be radically kind. To never intentionally hurt another living being. To renounce anything that violates anyone else’s rights. To never take advantage of those weaker than you are.
So that horns won’t be ripped off. Beaks sliced. Throats slit. Heads pelleted. And females raped.
If there were dogs or cats in the slaughterhouse we would be yelling bloody murder.
The worst transgression in all of history is the belief that animals are here for us to eat and wear.
Why should a living, breathing, thinking and feeling being be denied the Golden Rule?
Why should a person fight against compassion?
Humans have brilliant technology but stupid ethics.
We have been programmed by the meat, dairy and egg industries not to care.
Accepting the status quo makes you habitually cruel.
And prevents animals from getting one ounce of kindness.
And keeps a knife in their throat.
Make amends. Evolve. Move forward.
The defenseless animal just wishes it all would end.