Thule was a highly developed culture in Greenland
And along the arctic coast in northern Alaska

It was a matriarchy
And they were devoted to Freya who was Venus
The goddess who rose from the celestial sea

Thule met its downfall during the Clash of the Titans
Which lasted 13 years

It went from bathing in the warmth of the previous sun
To a desolate wasteland

It went from being a land of knowledge industry and virtue
To a strange dim land of ice and flame
A frozen land bound beneath the pole star

This coincided with the so called Thera explosion of Santorini in the Mediterranean Sea
The sinking of Doggerland north of the British Isles came later

The people of Thule painted themselves blue
And had frequent encounters with a dwarf tribe
That were 20 fingers in height

Thule was six days sail from Briton

The shallow Arctic Ocean became a muddy mixture
Of sand gravel and clay
Which prevented the traversing of it

Atlantis was a continent in the Atlantic Ocean
But was a worldwide empire ruling over distant lands
It was a forerunner of Thule

Atlantis was suddenly overwhelmed
And disappeared beneath the sea in a single day
The consequence of an extraordinary earthquake and inundation

The sinking of islands and the disappearance of empires
Were not the result of natural events
But were the outcome of sophisticated weaponry

False memories false timelines and fake science
Are exerted into a persons belief system
To emotionally manipulate them

As the organic time wave draweth nigh
Grid lines will return to their natural state
Reversal networks will dissipate
And we will remember who we are

May the Cosmic Mother claim all that which is truly hers
And may the living light consciousness
Unite us all!