Azazael was the goat demon of the former age
It was a celestial configuration
When the planets were gathered together in the north hemispheric skies

Hybrid race lines are known as the Azazael Gestalt
They maintain a normal appearance to the masses
But when not on stage they severely digress into violent depravity

These elitists look human but are no longer human
They have become shadow creatures
That inhabit the earthly plane with us

Our world was conquered and carved up
And the reptilian gene spliced human hybrids
Were set in place as managers

Child sex farming and pedophilia are enforced through the alien agenda

The Satanic Blood Mass is a sex magic ritual
Where they invert sexual energies out of the perineum channels
In the form of loosh

Intense pain is incorporated into the sexual act
For increased loosh energy and for the production of adrenaline
Which is called adrenochrome

Blood is gathered for recreational drinking

There is a well established off world slave trading and bartering system
Humans are tradeable commodities
And are used in genetic modification experiments and Red Cube cloning

We are in a world where mad scientists build Frankenstein like creatures
And manufacture robotic clones

Where most of our DNA has been unplugged
Resulting in mind wiping and brain washing

A struggle beyond our realm is encompassing threats
Of using electromagnetic weaponry
And creating another Atlantean cataclysm

Understand the negative side
But keep focused on your god nature
And your power to create!