Zaquiet El Aryan is made up of 30 ton pink granite blocks which seal the floor
An oval tub situated like a water plug is the only derivation

The Valley Temple of Kafre has a floor consisting of 150 ton blocks of red granite
Pink granite ornaments the wall
The exception is a large black stone

The Osireion has massive 100 ton rose granite blocks
With a complex roofing system and a dozen chambers

These showcase architectural sophistication
And they are only upper portions
Of a much larger construction

Abu Rawash has a stairway that is an entrance to an underground network of tunnels
It is a deep narrow cut into the limestone bedrock
That leads to subterranean Serapeum like structures
But it is off limits to the public

Abu Ghurab has huge travertine oval shaped basins
That are exceptionally smooth with sharply angled edges
They are components of a sonic levitation system

There are machine manufactured artifacts sitting in Egyptian museums
Such as the Schist Disc and the Saqqara Bird
About 50000 vases have been found around the Step Pyramid

The empty coffer inside the Kings chamber in the Great Pyramid
Is the exact dimensions of the Arc of the Covenant given in the Book of Exodus

What if it was placed back into its former location
It would not operate at 100 percent
But the 2.3 million blocks would once again obtain a piezoelectric quality

Effects would be noticed
Such as cellular rejuvenation
Resulting from the resonant infrasound environment

It would produce a psychoacoustic healing sensation
And generate a reverberating tone

Spirits would be lifted
As vertical compression waves of ionized air pulsed outward
Creating a powerful acoustic effect

Signs of longevity would become common
And it would seem that humanity has been rescued!