Without properly functioning mitochondrial DNA
Humans are not able to effectively generate new proteins for DNA synthesis
That activates the crystal gene

To form a new strand of DNA
Nucleotides are linked into a chain of deoxyribose sugar and phosphate
Which make up the structure of deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA

Humans have been missing the correct sugar phosphate instruction sets
Required to assemble correct genetic pair bonds from the genes of the parents

In the ruins of Gobekli Tepe in Turkey
Is a vast array of circular enclosures with central T shaped pillars

Artifacts when struck emit a frequency of 528 hertz
Which is the DNA repair frequency
This suggests an advanced knowledge of sound

528 hertz resonates with the very building blocks of life
Its harmonics vibrates across multiple planes of existence

528 hertz forms visible representations that contain sacred geometric patterns
Its simatic waves are denoted as the seed of life

528 hertz is the frequency of life
And will awaken dormant genetic strands
Our unplugged DNA is awaiting activation

Angelic humanity was created with a 12 strand DNA template
12 sets of 2 strands

A double helix is formed from 2 complimentary strands of nucleotides
That are held together by bonds at the bases

There are 12 fire letters in each DNA strand
They are designed to catalyze a chemical reaction which builds 12 chromosomes per strand
The correct diamond sun template with the correct sequence has 144 chromosomes

Chromosomes are directly connected to the chemical translation process of sugar phosphates
That form into 12 nucleotides which contain carbon hydrogen oxygen nitrogen and phosphorus

When the correct chromosomes are bonded together
It generates a chain reaction in the DNA
That activates the blueprint in the nucleotide

This braiding process changes the chemical DNA imprint and the resulting atomic structure

Activation by the Mother of Life
Allows for the chemicals required for the diamond sun template
To braid into the correct genetic pairing sequence
For building the 12 double helix strand DNA template

This prepares the body to become trans dimensional

Junk DNA is just dormant
Because the nucleotides that combine into gender based pairs
Do not produce the correct number of chromosomes
That are needed to encode instructions for making proteins
That form the 12 strand double helix DNA ladder

Spiritual activation will open up conduits for protein synthesis
That builds the corrected nucleotide base pairs
Of adenine cytosine guanine and thymine

Higher expression will induce an atomic transduction process
And change the elemental make up of human biology!