Imagine you are a character in a dream
That you have woken up in your dream
And are now directing it the way you want it

Obedience is not a virtue
Truth is more powerful than the fiction peddled by power hungry totalitarian rulers

It will be realized that authority figures are enemies of humanity
And what is promoted as medicine will turn out to be poison

Harappa India only a few hundred years ago was turned to dust by a bright flame
By an unknown weapon described as an iron thunderbolt

Like in Lahaina people in Harappa tried to flee to water in order to save themselves
And as in Lahaina and Paradise California a circle of fire prevented people from escaping

As described in the Mahaborota the messenger of death was a fighting sky chariot
That carried an incandescent column of fire and smoke

In neighboring Mohenjo Daro skeletons can still be seen
They are holding hands and bracing for the impact

In other nearby cities such as Raajmahal the intense heat melted everything
Reminiscent of the sudden and inexplicable fires today which melt metal

Also in the area the over 500 foot deep Lonar Crater
Carved into an over 2000 foot basalt outcropping

With an ejecta blanket of almost a mile and a half
It is more proof of high energy weaponry in ancient times

The current onslaught of a pandemic of fear
Is being used to silence counter narratives

The cowardly silence of unelected bureaucrats who put income before ethics
And the lies of shills in prominent positions are thrust upon an unsuspecting public

In order to make a heaven on earth you first have to go inside
Magic occurs by ones inner speech

From your internal vision changes appear automatically and naturally
Through self suggestions a new future will emerge

When enough people have a positive outlook and a mutually beneficial vision
The universe will bring it about!