Creation was the triumph of light over darkness
The primordial darkness which followed an all prevailing apocalypse

Before creation there was only darkness and Nun
Nun was the primeval waters

Morning Star was the first light
To appear in the primordial darkness

Raven appears in a coffin
And brings light to the world

Nanauatzin swayed side to side
So intensely did he shine
That one could be blinded if he stared too long

Quetzalcoatl adorned himself with fire

In the mythical time of beginnings
In illa tempore

Earth and heaven separated
Earth was middle heaven

Ashtar the Terrible came down
From the Throne of Aliyan Baal
To rule over the Underworld

Lucifer appeared in the Underworld
And dispelled the darkness with his wings

His wings were plasma emanations

It was the first day
An archetypal theophany

The gods took council at Teotihuacan
And encircled Teotexcalli the heavenly hearth

In spell number 217 from the Pyramid Texts

The primeval gods see something new
Horus cleaves to the iron in the sky
He shines in the morning light

We make salutation to him
The Judge who settles disputes

He takes possession of the horizon
To him belongs the throne the power and the glory
Forever and ever amen

O Morning Star
Horus of the Netherworld
Divine Falcon
Whom the sky bore

Quetzalcoatl was birthed in the dawn house
He carried a war club
He was not a chief but a warrior

In his rejuvenated appearance Mars appeared green
As he mated with the Evening Star

Quetzalcoatl was the star that passes by the great green
The great green was the Garden of Eden

He was named after the Quetzal bird
A brilliant green bird
The most beautiful bird in the tropical jungle

He also became Lord of the green stone

Green jade green topaz or precious turquoise
Was put in the mouth of a deceased to insure resurrection

The gods built an ark or boat for the Divine Falcon

The Morning Star is also believed to have had a long white beard

If you recognize the themes
Now you know the origin!