In the past Venus was very star like. Having such a high temperature means it was only recently expelled (from Saturn). It was the “Great Torch of Heaven” or the “Lady of the Eternal Flame.” It discharged jets which varied in time. Once a triskelion transforming to a cross then to a swastika then to a wheel. Every nation worshipped Venus as a God – common motifs are The Mother Goddess, Ishtar, Innana, Isis, or the Queen of Heaven. Venus was usually considered the Wife of Saturn and Mother of God (Mars). This was because Mars was in front of Venus and when at the apex of axis mundi – also known as the ladder of heaven or cosmic tree – Mars being the smaller planet was visualized as a child on his Mother’s lap. Venus and Mars were also seen as lovers (depending on the culture).

Mars was the God who came down to Earth or God Incarnate. This is because Mars lined up with Venus and Saturn and drifted down the polar axis towards Earth. In different myths/religions Mars is considered as the Coming One (Messiah), Hero, Strongman, Trickster or The Only Begotten Son of God sent to save the World. The dances of various societies (especially tribal) commemorate this approach.

Jesus was given Martian attributes such as The Son of God or the ability to do superhuman feats such as walking on Water. Saturn’s cosmos was looked upon as a celestial ocean and Mars was moving (walking) in front of Saturn from an Earth’s prospective. Poseidon (Saturn) taught Orion (Mars) to walk on water.

Jesus was also a Essene which was a communal Monastic order that was concentrated around the Sea of Galilea. Qumran was it’s center and Nazareth where Jesus grew up was nearby. A Nazarene was typically an Essene. Men and women were treated as equals. They believed money was inherently evil for it created greed and dishonesty. That is why he overturned the money changer’s tables in the Temple. And why he said money is the root of all evil. It is also why he said go sell all your belongings and come follow me. He also said It is easier for a rope to enter the eye of a needle than for a rich man to inherit the kingdom of god. (The Greek word for rope is camelos and it is incorrectly translated as camel. When you translate it as rope the verse immediately makes sense). John the Baptist whom Jesus was a follower of was an Essene. The Essenes were also into reincarnation and they believed they could channel souls of divine origin into their group. Thus they endeavored to bring the Son of God into the world. Jesus’ belief that his Father was God was from his Essene upbringing.