King Midas is the legendary founder of the city of Ankara Turkey
Everything he touched turned to gold

In the former age Saturn ruled the Golden Age
King Midas was Saturn sending yellowish rays upon his celestial environment

The 7 rings of Saturn were the 7 cities of gold
The golden color being the result of energized plasma

The plasma emanated from the north magnetic column
It was the Fountain of Youth
It was God giving the gift of eternal life

The plasma was electrically charged food that energized you
It was the Holy Spirit sent to save the world

It was also the food of the gods and fed the horses of Hera
It was the manna or ambrosia that energized the cosmic orbs
That had gathered in the north celestial realm
Because of the magnetic attraction of the celestial pole

This was the basis for the story of the Last Supper
The northern beam of light was the pole that Odin hung upon
It was where the Mars god of different cultures died

As his plasma filtered away to the surrounding orbs
It was symbolically interpretated as giving his body and blood for renewal

The chalice of life or holy grail was a cup shaped formation on the north plasma column or Tree of Life
It was reddish plasma and became the cup that holds the blood of Jesus
Or the red wine that was drank in the Last Supper
In Vedic lore it was the Cup of Dumuzi

The Lamb of God that had been slain
That had 7 horns and 7 eyes
And with 7 spirits could open 7 seals
Was Mars in the celestial atmospheric rings of Saturn

The divine assembly or grand counsel came to an end
This was the Twilight of the Gods or Gotterdammerung
It was also the Ragnarok and Clash of the Titans

The time period for the end of the Age of the Gods was between 400 and 500 years ago
History has been totally rewritten and falsified

An example is the eruption of Mt Vesuvius
Maps in the late 1500s show Pompeii and Herculaneum as active cities
A plaque in the Sarno Canal commemorates the victims of the 1631 eruption of Mt Vesuvius
A monument in Farone Mennella is an epitaph of the people who died in the 1631 eruption
Giovanni Battista lived through the 1631 eruption and wrote a book about it
Andrew Tschurilow also lived at the same time and drew a picture graph book of it
Pliny the Elder who the military commander for the Roman emperor Vespasion died trying to rescue a friend during the eruption
His nephew Pliny the Younger wrote about it
That puts the time of the Roman Empire in the 1500 and 1600s
Which puts Jesus in the late 1500s or early 1600s

Tacitus a Roman Senator under Vespasion wrote about the sun sending black beams and red imparting a crimson gore

In the Codex Chimalpapoca says there were 2 periods of darkness and 1 lasted 25 years
The Manuscript Quiche tells of a dark somber fog
The Ermitage Papyrus says the sun is veiled and darkness covers the earth
The Papyrus Ipuwer says the land is without light
This is the land of the Shadow of Death talked about in the books of Psalms Isaiah and Job

When John the Baptist was saying Repent for the kingdom of god is at hand
It was in more recent times

He said the Holy spirit will baptize you with fire which is the plasma
He also said the chaff will be separated from the grain and burned with an unquenchable fire
This is the positive charged plasma seeking to ground itself to the earth
A negative person will not be able to hold the charge!