Each universe has its own mathematical geomantic architecture
And their own way of dealing with our influences

What has happened here on our realm
Has an impact on other realms and dimensions
Our waves must be administered to by their inhabitants

A parallel universe mirrors our universe
But different options have been chosen

Where there are intersecting universes
New architecture can be created

Energy pulsations from higher realms affects ours
As well vibrations from a merging universe

The organization of the energetic momentum
Is based on the blueprint in the morphogenetic fields

These layers of architecture constitute a conscious energetic reality
It will activate a dormant DNA template

When you align to higher resonant patterns
A natural flow of events of self organizing synchronicity
Will shift your experiences into a new light

You will serve as a conduction point for tri wave geometries
And a source for plasma life forces that will change the grid pattern
The higher frequencies will affect the masses

The magnetosphere is where the instruction sets are impulsed
To the collective consciousness

As the magnetosphere is artificially manipulated
The electromagnetic spectrums are reduced
Blocking frequencies and wave forms

When the sky and earth resonate
Our life force animates

We will be guided by our heart
And not by the ego

Which is how it is supposed to be
A wonderous life of beauty!