Whoever has the money makes the rules. And the ones with the most money make the most rules. So the ones who rule are the ones with the most money.
We lost the War of 1812 when Washington DC got invaded by the British army. Our own currency the Colonial Scrip became a thing of the past and the English banking establishment took charge.
The secrecy of who really controls things is still going on. It is like a screenplay that is meant to fool you and the new Jewish billionaire President Donald Trump whose family’s real name is Drumpf is playing out his role.
There are people behind the scenes manufacturing events. Just like the wizard behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz. It’s a bigger act than Hollywood!
The official 911 version is the biggest conspiracy show that you’ll ever experience! Actually it was just a performance of actors with writers, directors and producers that was meant to keep you in a state of fear which is why they chose Sept. 11.
The claim that the pilots went scurrying to the back of the plane in trepidation after a few men small in stature showed them a knife they picked up from a meal tray is ludicrous. Then they were supposedly huddled in the back seat of the plane shaking and being consoled by the flight attendants. These pilots are mostly ex-military which means they’re tough and they would fight. And the passengers would help. The hijackers would have gotten their ass kicked!
The assertion that these ‘terrorists’ were able to steer huge commercial Boeing 757 and 767 airliners at all is crazy! And saying they went at impossible speeds, making sharp turns, while flying at impossibly low altitudes and hitting their targets with pinpoint accuracy is more than absurd. A trained pilot could not do that. And we are led to believe people like Hani Hanjour who couldn’t even fly a Cessna did these maneuvers.
Any airplane which is violating airspace without proper authorization will be immediately pursued by our military – the best in the world. This airspace around New York City and our nations capital is the most heavily guarded anywhere. That the military was too surprised or too inept are both lies. They were given stand down orders not to respond.
Building number 7 was never hit by anything, but miraculously fell to the ground exactly as if it was controlled demolition. British TV mistakenly reported that Building 7 had fallen when it was still visible in the background. The explosives hadn’t been set off yet. They got ahead of the script.
Airplanes are made out of mostly aluminum which is a very light metal. The structural damage done to a concrete and steel reinforced building would be minimal and localized to the area hit. The Twin Towers were built to withstand an airplane impact. They would never all of a sudden start shaking an hour later and fall to the ground. Controlled demolition is the only reasonable explanation.
You can see the explosives shooting outwards in lateral ejections. The buildings fell with no resistance at free fall speed. This is impossible if the lower sections were not being imploded as the buildings fell. 90,000 tons of concrete and steel were pulverized by incendiary explosives. Explosions witnessed by the FDNY. This is reason that pyroclastic clouds enveloped the area afterwards.
It is ridiculous to say the planes hit the World Trade Center then went inside and vaporized. But that is what we are told to believe. Where were the bodies of the passengers and their luggage or the seats or any of the remains that are left after a real plane crash.
There were puddles of molten steel and iron on the ground caused by the thermite incendiaries. Thermite and Nano thermite are metal oxides capable of producing temperatures in excess of 4000 degrees F which is hot enough to melt steel.
The story that it was all commandeered by Osama Bin Laden in a system of tunnels in Afghanistan outwitting our military is way over dramatic. This ‘Command Post’ was never found.
The cell hone calls on the ‘hijacked planes’ were impossible at the time because the airlines didn’t incorporate the technology until 2004.
The many put options on American and United Airlines stocks that were bought before 911 shows there was foreknowledge. As does the absence of certain people in the Towers on that day including the relatively new owner of the WTC.
This story is made-up! It is not credible! And it was used as the reason to invade Afghanistan and Iraq.
The justifications for our other wars have been lies too. The Gulf of Tonkin event which started the Vietnam War was total fabrication and admitted as being such by Secretary of War Robert McNamara before his death. The baby-stabbing Iraqi army story that stormed into a hospital in Kuwait which was used to promote the first Gulf War turned out to be totally false. The person who supposedly witnessed it turned out to be the daughter of a USA-Kuwaiti ambassador living in America. The attack of the USS Maine in Havana Harbor which started the Spanish-American War in 1898 was also faked.
The biggest lies are the hardest ones to see through. Besides 911, WW2 is a perfect example.
Did you hear Hitler’s wife Eva Braun was Jewish? It was documented on British TV by DNA tests. This throws a wrench through the whole official story now doesn’t it? A person who wants to exterminate a certain race cannot marry one at the same time. That’s impossible!
But wait there’s more! Did you realize Hitler’s best friend and driver Emil Maurice was Jewish? So was Hitler’s doctor Eduard Bloch, who was also the Hitler family doctor. His dentists Fedor Bruck and Hugo Johannes Blaschke were both Jewish. He had many Jewish banker associates including JP Morgan Chase. Hitler’s photographer Heinrich Hoffman was Jewish. He owned the photography studio where Eva Braun worked. A person who hates a certain race does not hang around them all the time.
It gets even more weird. The SS guys were Jewish also. Adolph Eichmann spoke Hebrew and Yiddish and worked for Rockefeller who is Jewish at Standard Oil – which is now ExxonMobil. It is well known that Standard Oil supplied Germany during WW2. Heinrich Himmler, Joseph Goebbels and Rudolph Hess were from very wealthy Jewish families who were and still are leading bankers, industrialists, and merchants. Herman Goering’s brother and relatives are living in Israel. Martin Bormann, officially Hitler’s chief advisor but was the one who really ran the show came from the famous wealthy Bormann Jewish financial network which has close ties to Israel.
But this tops them all. Hitler was Jewish! His father’s real name was Hiller which were prominent Jewish families in Austria and Germany. That is how he was able to become Reich Chancellor of Germany even though he grew up in Austria. His mother Klara Polzl is Jewish and from Poland. Hitler’s brother married into British nobility and changed his name to Stuart.
Jewish billionaire Randolph Hearst was a friend of Hitler and brought Adolph’s nephew and sister-in-law to America for a lecture tour.
Hitler was adored by the German people for restoring their economy and bringing prosperity. He was even Time Magazine’s ‘Man of the Year”. He liked his position as Reich Chancellor and he liked all the adulation he was receiving. He didn’t want war and had anti-war literature dropped over England entitled ‘An Appeal to Reason’. Rudolph Hess whose father was the prominent Moses Hess made a solo flight to England for the purpose of petitioning for peace. England bombed Germany many months before Germany finally retaliated.
IG Farben-Bayer the manufacturing plant at Auschwitz – originally a small Jewish village in Poland – supplied Germany with munitions and other goods during WW2. It was Jewish owned. Similar to Rockefeller’s munitions plant in Russia during the Vietnam War. The Zyklon-b that was purportedly dumped on the people who thought they were taking showers was made there. The true purpose of Zyklon-b was an insecticide used to kill lice that caused Typhoid. It’s chemical residue is still found in the walls in the disinfection area. But none can be found in the so-called gas chamber.
One ‘survivor’ said the gas chamber was so full that they just tossed her over the fence still naked and that a train happened to be outside and she landed in it and rode away. Then she got off and was taken care of by wolves.
Yes people were rounded up and put in camps. But they were not extermination camps. Many report a totally different experience such as soccer games, a swimming pool, a hospital, a cafeteria and a theatre etc. They are not heard because only the official death camp version is allowed. The piles of bodies that are shown are from places like Dresden where we carpet bombed entire cities. American pilots were under orders to shoot anything that moved. And so we ‘mowed down’ civilians, farmers in their fields and giraffes, elephants and other animals fleeing the Berlin Zoo. The only death camps that there were occurred after the war when approximately 1.5 million Germans were starved to death in the Eisenhower death camps. And there was a typhoid outbreak particularly at the Bergen-Belsen camp which killed thousands during the chaos and deprivation that was occurring at the end of the war.
David Cole in his video has the Superintendent of Auschwitz admitting there was no gas chamber and the one that is claimed to be one was created by the Russians after the war. The chimney isn’t even connected. There are windows and drains and a flimsy wooden door and a bashed in hole in the ceiling where they supposedly dropped the Zyklon-b. Poisonous gas would have leaked out in these areas to the rest of the camp and killed them also.
The goal was to eventually get the Ashkenazi Jews to move to Palestine and establish Israel for the bankers and make it a world power. That is why prominent Jews were involved in Nazism. Such as the multi-billionaire George Soros and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s father.
The first settlers from Germany to Israel came in the 1930’s in ships that had a swastika on their flags. This was a result of The Transfer Agreement between England and Germany that promoted the immigration of Jewish people safely to Israel. But Palestine at that time was still a third world country and not many people wanted to go.
Nazism was a front for Zionism. And of course that is how the term Nazi came about. From the word used to describe European Jews – Ashkenazi.
History has been forged. History books on 911 and WW2 are only giving the impossible official version. We are running around believing in not only a false history but a phony political system with fake parties using well-paid actors that only appear to be opposed. And all backed-up by a deceptive media.
It’s theatre. A screenplay. It’s like a movie being played out on an unsuspecting public.
As a famous comedian used to say It’s a rich club and you’re not in it.