We are being hit with very sophisticated technology
Which magnetically activates nano particles
That are programmed to form a neural lace around the brain

This is for a brain machine interface
Which will result in neural monitoring and modification of thoughts

The interface with neurons will alter brain patterns
And eventually link it to an avatar
Where the brain thinks it is experiencing the real world

Our computers are actually a mixture of electronics and supernatural forces
That travel through fiber optics and other power lines
Penetrating all electronic equipment that has a microchip installed

Energy fields that resonate with these low density beings
Get broadcast into our homes
And then into our own biology

Connecting us to an alien instinct
That is cold hearted free of empathy and profits through cruelty

These demonic entities are lost spirits of a biosphere that self destructed
And transported to our world on AI black matter

They have been brought here with the intention of infesting our world

This is the Return of the Archons

They first appeared centuries ago
Communicating with whoever was willing to communicate

This formed a black magic entanglement
Offering power through the ability to control others
In exchange for manifestation in their bodies

The agreement initiated the offering of blood sacrifices of animals and humans

The demons feed on the bio photon release
That is emitted when a being dies in extreme pain

They feed on our life force because they do not have a biology of their own
Some of the energy goes to the cooperating humans
To do things in this world that would not be done otherwise

We have a system that runs on tortured energy

Billions of animals are kept in concentration camps called factory farms
Where they suffer their entire life
And killed in the cruelest ways
And then humans eat them
Even though our genetic make up is to be fruit and plant eaters

Tortured energy is utilized by those who run the political system
And the Babylonian money system
To control our realm

We perceive it all as normal
Because we were born into it

Humans connect to torture by eating what they eat
They become in resonance with tortured energy
And they let themselves be ruled by it!