When you automatically react emotionally
You are letting someone else dictate your state of mind
You limit yourself and give away your power

Transcend the tyranny of the ego
Rise above past conditioning
And be your authentic self

Emotions come and go
Observe them with compassion and acceptance
Allow them to flow upon your inherent serenity

No longer be a victim
But be a master of your mind
Be a conscious creator of your inner reality

Plug yourself into the currents of the universal flow of life
And you will be grounded to the present moment

When you are a receptacle of the life force
And open to the magic of the now
You radiate powerful and positive emotional energy

Your authentic self is stable unshakable and very attractive
Your true being is profoundly strong and free from the shackles of illusory identification

Release yourself from reactive emotional patterns that bind and entangle you
By being non responsive to the perceptions and ideas of other people about who you are

Do not be swept away by the influence of limiting beliefs and fears from past conditioning
Approach life with a new way of relating to the world

You are not your thoughts or emotions
Do not allow them to be an integral part of your identity
You are the presence that is just observing them from behind the scenes without judgement or attachment

Do not suppress thoughts or emotions
But transcend their influence by silencing your mind

You are the primordial consciousness
That sits in quiet observation of your expression

Every moment is an opportunity to align with the order of the universe
Flow with the circumstances instead of fighting them!