The movie Eyes Wide Shut
Is a mockery on the masses

Because even though they are told what is really happening in the world
It is too much for them and they will not believe it

When one poses with a hidden hand like Anthony Fauci or John Wilkes Booth
These are freemasons saying there is deception going on

When one poses with outstretched outer fingers like members of the Royal family or some rock star
It is symbolic of the horns of Lucifer

They are unaware of the origin of the horns of Lucifer
But are just communicating their affiliation with Freemasonry

Deamon est Deus Inversus
Means the Devil is the reverse side of God
This is because Mars had different appearances

Initiation into secret societies entail some sexual deviation
Skull and Bones members have to have sex with a prostitute in a coffin
This prepares them for a life of sexual perversions such as pedophilia

Initiation also includes a Vow of Silence
Breaking of will result in a gruesome death
Celebrities often pose with a finger over their mouth

Literae Quibas Magistratus Aliquid Mandat
Means bound to service or death

Celebrities also cover one eye
Which means the all seeing eye
Venus was the Eye of Providence or Saturn

The eye in the triangle on the apex of a pyramid on the dollar bill
Was Venus at the upper part of the universal axis or Mountain of God

Freemasons have secret handshakes ritual names and wear full length robes
Which they use during their ceremonies in the local Masonic Lodge

They drink wine out of a skull
If they rise far enough in rank they will drink blood out of a skull

They make a 666 by pressing the forefinger against the thumb and raising the other three fingers
They also pose by placing their hands on opposing shoulders

Freemasons show off their Masonic rings
And they follow orders keeping the masses in a 3D illusion!