Beneath the ruins of Sumeria
In a hidden chamber amongst blocked off subterranean tunnels
Was found a technology that interfaced with consciousness

Once the device was activated by tones
It sent out strong energetic toroidal fields
That resonated with the plasma flux tube at the center

It then produced sound waves that utilized 6 composite electromagnetic fields
Displaying a rotating cylinder of argon gas
That sent out images in open space of probable events similar to a hologram

The images and sounds were captured using high resolution audio and video equipment
And became known as Project Looking Glass

There were also 2 teleporters that instantly transported humans
But were not always reliable
Powerful electromagnets channeled energy that changed the teleporters orientation

The consciousness of an operator in a chair was the steering mechanism
And the device was conducted by the point of focus of the operator
Which had a direct effect on the images collected

A portal would appear that would transmit consciousness through time
Other consciousnesses would emerge in the portal
Future humans known as P45s were communicated with

We exist in a multitude of different awarenesses
When we align our consciousness to other realms
We close the vibration gap

The universe operates with unfathomable complexity
Remain attune to your intuitive properties

Nothing occurs by chance
Every event is interconnected by cause and effect

Recognize you have the power to connect to the underlying unity of existence
Ascertain that you are an active participant in the unfolding of your destiny

By observing we change the composition from particle to wave
We collapse the energy of holographic patterns into our daily reality

Your energy is your greatest currency
Spend it wisely!