There are an additional 10 strands of DNA available to each human
Each of these dormant strands permit an individual to experience a heightened lifestyle

Using only a partial of our 2 active double helix strand configurations
Is equivalent to a computer running only on a few programs

When all 12 electromagnetic strands are activated
A strong powerful charge is incited
Anything you want can be accessed by using intent and intuition

By adopting a higher frequency
New programs can be imprinted
And you will elevate yourself as well as bathe everyone around you in your vibration

Fear and anxiety causes the DNA molecule to compress
Gratitude happiness and love expands it

The gemstone sodalite boosts self confidence
And illuminates the beauty you hold inside

It removes toxic energy and harmful thoughts
And keeps your energetic pathway clean

It imbues your auric field with tranquil energy
Helping you to communicate and express yourself freely
Bringing out your romantic side

Zeolite is a complex mineral
It binds to many dangerous toxins and eliminates them
It reverses the aging process and makes your skin radiant
Zeolite will remove the metal nanoparticles inside of you

Crystals keeps your biofield strong and are the best defense against EMFs
Tigers Eye shungite and black tourmaline are very effective protection
And will restore the frequency of the soul

Transcranial cerebral electrocution is another black project with no legal oversight
Your digital twin is when your DNA is matched

You then can be logged into
And an EEG overlay is used to overwrite your neural pathways
Transcriptome will change your proteins

When you fixate on positive vibrations
And remain steadfast in your quest for truth
You attract only positive experiences

When you release identification with all inner conversations that are not ideal
Negative illusions will have no power over you

Kelowna and Scotch Creek British Columbia are picturesque towns of scenic beauty
Both have been hit by direct energy weapons
UN troops with blue hats are not allowing residents back into their homes

Northrup Grumman has developed a new phantom laser
That delivers such a compact high energy beam that it is hard to see

LED lights are light emitting diodes designed to withstand the high heat of harmful microwaves

Titanium dioxide in sunscreen triggers oxidative damage and ages the skin

Aluminum barium and strontium sprayed in geoengineering will fall to the ground
Causing heating at the surface

These metals will ignite fires and greatly increase their intensity
The 3 days of fog before the Lahaina fire was the spraying of the nano metals

Aluminum barium strontium and other metals from aerosol spraying
Get in the body and create sores
Especially when they are hit by microwaves

Detox with zeolite or bentonite clay!