Creators of the D Wave quantum computers
Say these computers will literally reach into parallel universes to pull out information

And because they use q bits instead of binary bits
They will run at an unimaginable faster rate

The q bits exist in an adjoining area
Where parallel universe overlap

When we plug into the world wide web with our ethernet cable
We are accessing other dimensions through the ether

All of our electronics and appliances are being connected to the astral plane
And are becoming portals which paranormal beings travel through

They are the biggest tool for brainwashing
An obsession such as porn is like being in a hypnotic trance

According to the earth tilted spinning ball model
Antarctica the coldest place on earth
Is about 5 million miles closer to the sun in the summer
It is amazing what people accept without thinking

The Transatlantic Slave Trade is another fictionalized tale
Supposedly 15 to 20 million Africans were transported to North America
And another 4.25 million Africans shipped to Mexico and Brazil

If 200 slaves were crowded in each boat
That would necessitate 100,000 boat trips across the Atlantic

A one way trip would take about 2 months
So 3 round trips in a year for one boat would take about 33,000 years
10 boats would take 3300 years
100 boats would take 330 years of continual travel

Boats capable of Transatlantic shipping are very difficult to build
It take many years for a single boat to be manufactured
And they would constantly be needed for repair

And why would Africans willingly submit to a few Europeans with muskets

The truth is African Americans are not from Africa
They are native to America and Lemuria

That is the reason for the giant Olmec stone heads found in Mexico
Which have so called African features

Carbon 14 is a fake dating method to promote false narratives
Carbon 14 is not constantly being created at the same rate
And it is not being absorbed into plants animals and people consistently
Nor at the same proportion

Proceed wisely my friend!