Crystals have a consciousness
They formulate life

If we concentrate our minds in truth
We become in tune with it
And turn more crystalline

We are marvelous works of art
A beautiful mysterious conception

Our bodies are a priceless gift
In which we can expand our soul

Our bones give off a piezoelectric charge

Catacombs are batteries for otherworldly entities

Skeletons can be reanimated
Nostradamus said the dead shall arise

Humans are the fragmented souls of the past

The 4 evangelists of Jesus
Were also the 4 angels of the Metatron

Which was a celestial electromagnetic phenomenon
Of attraction and repulsion that sent a charge through the coil

The concept of a Tesla engine

No free energy device has been allowed to reach the market

We are being observed through portals
And viewed as a reality show

CERN though cannot open the Abaddon Portal
Because they do not have the key

There have been at least 30 fires this year
At various food processing plants

We are being besieged in the belief of random viral epidemics

Hospitals have become a horror show
As soon as you sign the papers giving them control over you
You sign your death warrant

They will jab you
And put you on a ventilator
Which will induce cardiorespiratory arrest

There are ribbon like fibers in the vax
But also in the masks and test swabs

They start to squirm when breathed upon or when heated

Dandelion tea binds to spike proteins and makes them biologically inactive
We are taught to spray dandelions with Round Up

Cameras are now everywhere watching you

A baccalaureate degree is a bachelors degree
Baccus was an alter ego of Saturn when viewed as Satan

We have ties to others which cannot be seen
When you give you also get

When you harvest the forces of nature
It allows you to be of better service to others!