Nuclear power plants are water vapor creating machines
They tap into a water source
Heat it and send it skyward to create weather

They are Wet Surface Air Coolers
That produce water vaporization for our fake weather

Electrical charges in the form of scalar waves drive the clouds
Clouds today are wispy patterns that follow scalar waves

Atmospheric electrical discharges also can look like Lichtenburg Figures
Which come in from different parts of the sky

And as the charge dwindles the wispy clouds just dissolve

The Bright Source Solar Power Plant in the Mojave Desert
Has 350,000 garage door sized mirrors that focus sunlight on 3 boiler towers

They emit death rays that incinerate birds
And which drives the weather

Lightning occurs when opposite charges build up
Since clouds carry charge the lightning can be cloud to cloud

If the earths insulator breaks down a cloud to ground energy input will occur
This lightning is the return stroke from earth

HAARP sends billion watt lasers into the sky superheating the ionosphere
It also has bases in the sea
It creates hurricanes and earthquakes

The US Air force sprays toxic chemicals and poisons from drones
Aluminum oxide Methyl aluminum Nano aluminum coated fiberglass

Genetically engineered red and white blood cells
Fungal mycotoxins and mold

Radioactive cesium thorium and barium
Bio engineered fibers of cationic polymer

We also breathe in ethylene dibromide

All of which result in a variety of illnesses

Lithium is sprayed on us to sedate us

We ingest microbots and are given forced vaccines through aerosol spraying

Mother Earth is heating up because she is out of balance
And is seeking a return to equilibrium

When we get a fever it is because our body is throwing off toxic poisons
Heating is a self protection to eradicate the foreign material

We need to be a positive force
And demonstrate life affirming actions

We need to walk with purpose
Aware of our infinite potential

Imagine the optimum for yourself and for our world
And a vast energetic incomprehensible knowingness will encompass us!