With each jab taken
Doctors get richer

And each person gets a new genetic code
That forces their body to make billions of spike proteins

This is called antibody dependent enhancement

The Corona virus was created to get people to demand a solution
So that they would take a vaccine
That they would never take otherwise

There is something in the vaccine
Baked in the cake
That the elite want in you

It is a third strand of DNA

They want a serf class of hybrids
Worker bees that serve the Queen Bee
That do not question their position

The elite get most everything they want
But they will never get peace of mind

The elite want us to follow the Pied Piper
They want us to follow orders and service their death cult

As they plan their New World Order

We already venerate death
We put heads of animals on the wall

We put up memorials to veterans
Who obeyed their commanders

And went overseas and shot people
Who were not attacking us

We eat other species
We kill them by the billions everyday
And do not think anything of it

The elite eat human sandwiches
And drink human blood

Movie stars that we idolize
Are actually reptilians posing as humans

They think humans are quite tasty

Betty White boasts she eats a baby boy for breakfast every morning

Mcdonalds and other fast food places
Serve human meat in their hamburgers

But what is the difference between human and animal meat

They both come from sentient beings who are fully aware
That think and feel and value their lives

It just a matter of taste

As they cut off our food supply
They want to put us on a diet of insects

So that we will be more tasty!