Benevolent forces created our universe
And instilled rules that one must comply with

One rule is that if you reveal beforehand your intention
It will have more lasting power

In movies TV shows Super Bowl halftimes music videos
Awards ceremonies video games Olympic games opening ceremonies
The elite advertise themselves and show their influence

They have a whole set of symbols which they employ
And display their religious sacrament of sacrifice and cannibalism

But the populace keeps their heads in the sand
They do not want to look at the evidence
Which would ruin their ideological view of life

They want to focus on their bank account
Their favorite sport teams and entertainers

Hollywood is a self perpetuating form of brainwashing
The Los Angeles area is filled with cloned celebrities

Elon Musk Justin Bieber Arnold Schwarzeneggar Marshmello John Cena
Pierre Aubameyang Christiano Renaldo and Drake are all made up cloned personalities

Rapper Chief Keef said that he is 300 years old
Elon Musk is the product of a laboratory

The Clonaid website says that they have teamed up with Stemaid
Who uses stem cells for anti aging

When one is asleep they are easy targets for mind control
Because they cannot say no

We are in an Orwellian nightmare
Where what you hear on TV contributes to your disempowerment
Unless you are awake

The elite control the money supply and the secret societies
That run the political process and election of candidates

Your vote means nothing
Except that you are brainwashed

11 1 and 11 3 have been in movies and TV shows for years
They might mean November 1 and November 3

But they also might mean November 11 and November 13
Illuminati numerology lets you add and subtract ones

November 11 is supposed to be a time for the opening of portals
When dimensional doorways will be more available to higher incarnations!