People want to bind themselves to delusions
Whether it be fake history fake science
Fake medicine or fake news

They will then regurgitate the indoctrinated lie
And think they are so smart

The public cannot understand that we are in a quiet war with a silent weapon
Disguised as preventative medicine

Most people instinctively feel something is wrong
But do not know how to react

The pillars of your community are connected to the corporate government crime syndicate
Who are members of secret societies or cults

They are intelligent but have many sub personalities
Which are rooted in greed and the lust for power
Compassion is derailed and they become psychopathic

Their power is determined by their rank in the secret society
When one compromises their morals it fractures their soul

They yearn for a normal life but are barred from it
Their negative energy brings negative entity attachments

Politicians CEOs media personnel actors entertainers and all high profile people
Are just Illuminati yes men

We do not have a government of the majority
But of a small group working behind the scenes
Who are themselves controlled by off world influences

The Masonic oath of a first degree initiate
Makes a person promise to never reveal the secrets
Under penalty of getting their throat cut from ear to ear

Jesuit Freemason Francis Xavier invented the vaccine
Jesuit Freemason Edward Jenner taught the medical world how to use the poisoned needle

When we give the government permission to make medical decisions for us
We consent our bodies to their ownership

We give our acquiescence to fractured personalities
Whose mood changes are on a scale which the average person does not experience

But as the public turns a blind eye
Because it shatters their belief in a representative government

Worldwide transhumanism through vaccination continues!