James Dean Paul Walker and Ryan Dunn
All died in car crashes

They were all driving a Porsche

130 was written on the door
Of Deans 550 Spyder Porsche

Paul Walker was pictured in his Porsche
Alongside a Grand Torino
With 130 written on it

Ryan Dunn was allegedly driving at 130 miles per hour

13 is the number of stars around Satan
Satan is the alter ego of Saturn

The 13 colonies

0 signifies the Ouroboros
The Ouroboros was a serpentine like enclosure around Saturn

Paul McCartney allegedly died in a car crash on November 9 1966
11-9 is 911 backwards

He was said to be driving a Volkswagen Beatle
Because he was a member of the Beatles

The license plate was 28 IF
Meaning the 27 year old McCartney would have been
28 if he had lived

On the famous Abbey Road album cover
As the Beatles were crossing Abbey Road
John was dressed in white symbolizing a clergyman or preacher
Ringo was dressed in black symbolizing a undertaker
George was wearing work clothes signifying a gravedigger
Paul was shoeless signifying he was to die

James Dean Paul Walker Ryan Dunn and Paul McCartney
Were all self sacrifices for ascension

Ride the Lightning means
Going through the resurrection process

It is the transferring of your consciousness
Into a new clone body
In an electric chair

Formula 1 clones are ones which closely resemble the original
Formula 2 clones are ones which share the same template of the original
But with slight modifications