The period between 1811 and 1819 was unprecedented in the number of unusual activity.
There were not only wars in America and Europe but it seems there were conflicts and revolutions the world over.
And natural phenomena occurred frequently and relentlessly.
There were astonishingly immense comets in 1811 and in 1812.
They were called the Tecumseh or Napoleon Comets.
Both followed low flying paths and appeared fantastically enormous.
The one in 1812 remained visible for 11 months.
There were volcanoes exploding in the West Indies, Indonesia and Russia.
The Santorini volcano in Tambora is the most famous.
Lava burst out of the ground in North Carolina.
Numerous earthquakes shook the world.
New Madrid, Missouri was usually the epicenter but in other Southern states such as Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee devastating quakes occurred.
Venezuela also had a major quake killing over 20,000.
There was at least 5 series of earthquakes in New Madrid and each series had at least one major quake of 8.0 or larger.
Great chasms would open up in the ground swallowing whole villages.
Mile long cracks in the ground were formed.
Lakes disappeared and rivers changed course and it was at this time the Mississippi River dramatically changed it’s route.
Maps before this time show California as an island.
The famous rock church of the San Juan Capistrano Mission which I used to live by was destroyed in 1811 by a massive earthquake.
Eclipses occurred and it became so dark one could not see their hand in front of their face.
Mud flows as high as 50 feet rose up and covered large areas.
Vapors and mists would appear.
When this happened people would start to cough and get sick.
This infectious fog was called miasma and people died en masse.
It was as if the air was seeded with Cholera.
Enormous lightning storms formed with oft repeating and deafening peals of thunder.
Flashes of light emerged in the forests, hills and prairies.
In the sky bursts of incandescent illumination showed up all over the horizon.
Waves of undulating energy with strong electromagnetic effects would come through making people feel delirious and nauseous.
Hysteria set in. Accusations of witchcraft became common.
Many thought it was the end of the world.
At first there was extreme heat but then an onslaught of freezing cold came.
This is referred to as the Marauder Minimum.
As a result crops failed and famine followed.
Cities were depopulated.
Besides the Napoleonic Wars and the War of 1812 there were the Indian Wars.
Chief Tecumseh had formed a confederation of tribes to resist U.S. expansion.
He was looked upon as a prophet because he correctly predicted earthquakes and comets and so was able to gain the respect of other tribes despite being a half breed.
Tecumseh was an agent and he knew about upcoming natural disasters because they were planned beforehand.
The strategy was to gain the trust of other Indian leaders and eventually lead them to defeat.
In the Battle of the Thames in 1813 the future 9th President William Henry Harrison lead the U.S. army to a resounding victory over the confederation of tribes.
Tecumseh disappeared and is said to have died in battle.
His death was faked just like Harrison’s death would be faked after only a month in office.
Tecumseh had also prophesized Harrison’s death.
After the Battle of Thames in 1813 all the land East of the Mississippi River was ceded to the U.S. for white settlers.
An earthquake could be produced by aiming a stream of highly charged particles at a certain area.
But how could something like a comet be manufactured?
I now tend to believe that comets are a high tech device.
One depiction of comets from the Middle Ages has 4 of them hovering in the sky together.
How could a swift change of climate be produced?
Maybe if the beam of energy was directed at the sun it’s ability to disperse heat as efficiently as before might be diminished.
Was the sun’s course altered slightly?
The sun is actually about the same size as the moon and both are nearby circling above us.
Ancient maps before this time show an ice free Artic, Antarctica, Greenland and Iceland.
They also depict these places as being full of life.
Maps after this time were updated.
At the same time the sudden cold forced northern tribes to take up permanent residence in more southern areas in what is now America.
During most of the early 1800’s the U.S. military was employed to keep people out of the West.
To repopulate the Eastern cities they let a bunch of poor Europeans immigrate.
Children were taken from their parents and put to work in factories.
Out west the cities were empty and the military was utilized to prepare the way for the new incoming regime.
They wanted to kick out the Native people through whatever means necessary.
Lewis and Clark were spies who gave them information on what needed to be done.
Native Indian people were traditionally nomadic.
In the Spokane Washington area the plan was to subjugate the Indians and then start mining operations in North Idaho.
Two famous battles occurred in 1858.
The first one was the Battle of the Spokane Prairie near Rosalia Washington.
The military was outnumbered and after suffering casualties they snuck away at night.
After securing modern long rifles they engaged the Indians again at the Battle of Four Lakes near Cheney.
The result was a massacre of Indians with no casualties for the military.
In the early 1860’s when the Spokane area was still off limits to settlers people from very wealthy families such as Noah Kellogg, Levi Hutton and James Glover came and moved into pre-existing mansions and took over the abandoned mining operations in North Idaho.
One such mansion set upon cliffs of basalt 435 feet above the Spokane River.
It has a huge chessboard in the yard.
It had a 1600 foot tramway elevator that went from the river to the mansion.
It was an incredible feat of engineering with stationary cables.
The cables were at least 90 feet long in order to cross the Spokane River.
There was also a ferry with a cable system that crossed the river.
The ferry is said to have been built by a Canadian/Indian fur trapper named Antoinne Plante in 1856.
The mansion is said to have been built by a guy from Iowa named Royal Riblet.
His brother is said to have built the 1600 foot elevator.
A pre-existing road was cleared and repaired for access to the mines called the Mullan Trail.
There was still resistance in Idaho so a permanent militia called the Spokane Invincibles came to protect the mining operations.
In 1873 the whole Spokane area was said to have only 2 residents which were couple of cattle rustlers from Montana.
James Glover is said to have arrived in 1873 buying much of what is now Spokane from them.
In reality he was given the land and he already had mining operations in North Idaho as early as 1862.
In 1877 Nez Perce Indians occupied Spokane.
It is said that they were scared away by telling them troops were coming but the truth is they were unable to remove them.
This band of Nez Perce left on their own accord to help Chief Joseph and the rest of the Nez Perce tribe who was engaging the U.S. army in 4 battles that year.
Pictures of downtown Spokane in 1880 show old grand elegant buildings.
The few people around are using horses and buggies.
Were they so concentrated on the buildings that they forget to improve the transportation system?
What is going on is people are moving into an much older vacant city.
It is said in 1881 the railroads came to Spokane and then to Wallace Idaho in the North Idaho mining region in 1886.
In reality the railroads and trains were already here and the tracks just had to be dug out and fixed.
The Sternwheelers on Lake Coeur d’Alene which went up to the mining district are claimed to have been here in the 1870’s.
If that is so how were they built because the first sawmill it is said was not started until 1887.
How were the Electric Trolley cars built beginning in 1888 with no industry here yet?
In 1887 Natatorium Park opened and it was an amusement park with technologies way ahead of it’s time.
It featured a fabulous carousel with leaping horses, detailed birds, flowers and cupids and said to be built by a guy named Loof who used a lost craft.
The Fire of 1889 was said to be started on August 4 when pork chops being fried in a restaurant suddenly burst into flames and spread to a greasy towel.
Soon sparks were flying high enough to somehow cross the Spokane river.
It is said the water commissioner had gone fishing and so they hurried in wagons of dynamite and dynamited buildings to save others.
It is then asserted that 32 blocks of downtown was leveled by fire leaving no trace.
We are then supposed to believe buildings with the best architecture you can imagine sprang up within a year.
We are supposed to accept the idea that many hundreds of the world’s best masons, craftsmen, artists, designers etc. came to Spokane and whipped up magnificent and majestic buildings in a tremendous hurry.
Exposition Building: It is said that hundreds of talented carpenters and construction workers were on this one project alone. It was a huge edifice seven stories tall with pillars and a tower. It was billed as being one of the biggest exposition buildings in the world. It is said to have been built in a little over a year despite the terrible winter of 1889-1890. It was demolished after the exposition of 1890. In reality it was already here and just had to be fixed up a little for the Industrial Expo of 1890. This Expo was to brainwash the new pioneer arrivals that the existing buildings were all of recent origin.
Crescent Building: The main department store in Spokane for about a hundred years. It was announced that it would be open for business on August 5 1889 one day after the fire.
Spokesman Review Building: It has 7 stories, a peaked roof, and a soaring tower. It is built with red brick from rare Montana Granite. It also has curved windows, ornamented lintels and octagonal brick piers. Said to have been built in 1890 and 1891. This is impossible for such an amazing building to be built so quickly and in that time period.
Jamieson building: Again somehow built in 1890. Was 6 stories with elevator, elegant lighting system and heat.
Holy Names Academy: A huge Victorian style red brick building built on top of a mountain overlooking North Spokane. Said to have been built in 1891.
Courthouse: Resembling a huge French mansion it is said to have been built in 1893. How did they get the materials to build all these phenomenal buildings?
Downtown Post Office and Federal building: A remarkable renaissance revival building with many ornate marble interior pillars and exquisite interior wood design.
Lady of Lourdes Cathedral: Supposedly built in 1886. It has 2 gallery organs, a marble altar and 2 red brick and granite towers each 164 feet high.
St. Johns Cathedral: It’s organ has 4094 pipes. A carillon consisting of 49 cast bells. 2 spires that extend to 197 feet. Cathedrals were actually ancient sound resonating edifices.
Bridges: The Monroe Street Bridge was the World’s largest concrete bridge. It has huge stone arches. Said to have been built in 1890 and to have replaced the original wooden bridge built in 1889.
It is said in the 1880’s only wooden bridges were built downtown. But there are numerous smaller stone bridges around and at least 2 of them are said to have been built in the 1860’s. They all have large cement or stone piers with blocks perfectly fitted together narrowing in length and width as the height increases. Most are not being used and only the support columns are left.
There are also magnificently crafted old rock arch bridges in Manito Park with no explanation of when or by whom they were built.
Monroe Street dam and powerhouse: Also said to be built in 1890. Yep right after the fire and through the extreme winter this dam with a powerhouse which is an engineering marvel was built incredibly fast. It still is operating today.
Carnegie Square and Library: Exquisitely designed red brick and stone buildings. Said to have been financed by Andrew Carnegie. Wasn’t he the guy that in 1897 hired the Pinkerton agency to fire against striking steel workers killing 6 of them?
And they were striking against the low pay and bad working conditions. Doesn’t sound like too much of a philanthropist to me.
Fort George Wright 1897: An A-shaped complex of originally 44 buildings built of sandstone and red brick with slate roofs.
Clock Tower: 155 feet tall. Said to be built in 1892. Towers were originally receptors or transmitters of electricity. It was originally part of a much bigger building.
Masonic Temple: A trapezoidal curved building with 20 huge pillars and more than 200 balusters which are small ornamental pillars. It has a grand ballroom with a floating floor. It has an amazing and elegant 550 seat auditorium with balcony and horseshoe shaped seating. It also contains stenciled walls and a black and white checkered dance floor. Clearly this is another example of technology not fitting the time period.
Patsy Clark mansion: Supposedly built in 1897 it has 27 rooms each with a different architectural style and furnishings said to be from all over the world.
Pantages Theatre: It had white veined marble in the lobby and gold plated cast bronze lighting fixtures. The walls were paneled walnut with ivory tints. There was a Morton organ and a hidden orchestra pit. It was an exact replica of the Maxine Elliot theatre in New York City. Said to open in 1907 but records show performers being there much earlier.
Post Falls Dam: Said to be built in 1885 by Frederick Post. A 20 foot high log dam with a width several logs thick was there to divert the water into a new channel. Said to be built in 1879. It consisted of logs remarkably fit together so that there was no water seepage.
A side channel was then directed from this new river channel into the Spokane Valley for irrigation. The Headgate featured walnut sized bolts that fastened a series of gears. Stone blocks used in the Headgate were the size of 2 story houses.
Keep in mind all they had in the 1880’s in this area for construction was horses and manpower.
The river had 2 existing channels and one more was vertically carved out of a long stretch of 150 foot high basalt. If people refuse to believe it was carved out artificially then walking down along the aquifer past the headgate you will see that this area is undeniably manually constructed right through columns of basalt.
Also there is a channel that goes from the aquifer back into the river. In it was a generator said to be producing 100 horsepower of electricity for a mill which mysteriously burnt down.
It is said that this generator powered the world’s longest high power transmission line of 100 miles to the mines.
There is also a big platform that is said to have been the sight of a tower presumably for the construction.
The tower was actually a transmitter receiving power from the generator and transferred energy atmospherically to the mines.
A long rock wall above the aquifer with stone formations has been destroyed. Looks like a cover-up.
The false narrative says that silver and then gold wasn’t discovered until 1885. Noah Kellogg was in despair and had given up when his mule accidentally kicked over a stone revealing a shiny metal which Noah recognized as silver.
So they built a railroad in less than a year up into the North Idaho mountains from Spokane over 100 miles away to reach the mining town of Wallace by 1886.
Pictures of Wallace in 1880 show a thriving town with remarkably well built stone buildings with electrical wiring. But Wallace was not supposed to have been founded until 1884. And it was not supposed to have electricity until the 100 mile transmission line was completed in 1904.
Two water pumping stations: In a sheltered area on the North side of the Spokane River there are ruins consisting of large smooth stones. Some have a perfect curve shape but they are broken and shattered. This was a pumping station that diverted water into the East Valley of Spokane.
The other is on the Centennial Trail on the South side of the river. There are huge round stones lying around and it is said they were for pressing wood into pulp for paper. But why would someone build 1000 pound round stones to do that? In reality this was a sophisticated water pumping station using electromagnetic properties to produce a perpetual motion machine.
Aqueduct: Starting at the damn in Post Falls there are 88 miles of aqueducts said to be built in the 1890’s. There are also aqueducts coming from Liberty Lake and Saltese Lake said to be built by settlers with shovels. Many are reinforced with concrete. An old aqueduct right behind where I live goes uphill.
The aqueduct system provided clean water at no charge up until 1948.
Originally throughout the Spokane Valley there were orchards of varying fruits. After the climate change in the early 1800’s the varieties of fruit able to be grown here decreased but apples, pears and plums could still grow. The main street through the Valley is called Apple Way.
There is a long winding set of so-called water towers that still have flashing red metal rods on top that run spirally up into North Spokane and East into Idaho. These were in actuality energy transmitters that provided everyone with free energy.
America is supposed to have been recently settled so they have to give recent dates. But in the West they have to give very recent dates and the dates obviously don’t fit. And we did not have the skill to create all these amazing constructions.
You cannot see the extent of the lies until you realize our true past.
When you eliminate the impossible what is left no matter how improbable must be the truth.
These structures are hundreds of years old and were given different designations than what they originally were.
No one questions the dates they give and no one questions how they were able to build structures that cannot be built today.
No one questions how fast they were able to build them and how they got all the materials.
They want us to believe in a false version of reality and that we are the first advanced society.
The truth had to be concealed because if we knew the truth no one would have accepted those in power to be our authorities.
There is evidence of a prior culture everywhere that was ambushed by energy weapons over 200 years ago.
We are like the ghosts of that civilization and a dim reflection of our yesteryear.