Each planet emits its own unique vibrational energy
Which manifests in geometrical forms
Built on the essences of elemental particles

Saturn emanates tetrahedron frequencies
Jupiter discharges cubed shaped vibrations
Venus icosahedron Mercury octahedron Mars dodecahedron

In the former epoch when the planets congregated in the northern sky
They formed a cosmic structure or temple that produced energies
That escalated the conscious evolution of all beings on the earth plane

This was the original Temple of Solomon
Sol was the ancient sun which was Saturn
Saturn was the governing god

Saturn was the middle point of energy progression called the Ein Soph
Vital ethereal consciousness formed in geometrical squares
From 90 degree energy channels

The Tetrad or Magic square was a period of evolving energies
That instigated an electromagnetic evolution of the soul

The terrestrial temple utilized these cosmic energies
It had an enormous amount of gold that conducted the influx into the surrounding region
Connecting the population to the highest plan of intuitional wisdom

Solomon Keys are an arrangement of patterns that activated this energy
Also called the Cathar Codes
Solomon Keys later became a means of black magic or spell casting

Originally they were the energy sent forth from the Tree of Life

The astral light of the Most High Saturn
Was surrounded by Jinns or Genies
Which were luminaries that shifted their brightness

Each planet in the Tree of Life had a unique number
That corresponded to their discharges
For example the number of Neptune or Ben was 4

The moon was later inserted into the Tree of Life
Which produced reversal networks
And led to its disintegration

In Ecclesiastes 1:10 It says there is no remembrance of earlier things
In Ecclesiastes 3:11 it says what God has done from the beginning has been hidden from us!