Magellan in his voyages from 1519 to 1522
Did not circumnavigate the globe

We do not live on a spinning globe
That would be impossible

Magellan skirted along the continents of Antarctica which surrounds us
He also visited Polynesian islands

Patagonia was known as the Regione de Gigantica
Or Land of the Giants

As Magellan passed by he noticed a giant dancing on the beach
He sent out a man to befriend him by acting like him

The jolly giant had a large face with very big eyes
He was painted red and yellow
With a heart on each cheek

He pointed a finger to heaven to ask if that is where they came from
And spoke with a terribly loud and strong voice

A mirror was presented as a gift to him and he became terrified

Other giants became aware of the beach scene
They ran over and began to leap and sing

Raising one finger to the sky
As if they were celebrating a deity

The women were attractive with large breasts
And the Magellans men became infatuated and lustful
The only covering on the women was a small patch to hide their private part

Magellan was just concerned about kidnapping some of them
And bringing them back to King Charles

2 giants were tricked into being fettered with chains
When they realized what happened they called upon Setebos the great devil to save them

A mutiny developed and the masters of the other ships conspired to kill Magellan
Joao Carualho refused an order to kidnap some women
But instead spent the night with them

When the treachery was discovered
Magellan was afraid to punish him because of his close ties to King Charles
So he just left him there

When approaching a Polynesian island in small boats Magellan was seized by giants
Dragged onto the beach and killed

One fettered giant was able to dislodge his chains and escape
The other died on the ship on the way back to Spain

Sounds eerily similar to the Mutiny on the Bounty!