The Arctic Circle used to be an area of lush vegetation with thick forests and undergrowth. They grew to a very large stature. Also tropical tress such as palms and dates grew there. Fossilized coral has also been found. And animals of a wide variety such as hippos and various hippo like animals, alligators, turtles, primates. etc. How can this be?

Continental drift is not the answer. At the current rate of ‘drift” it would take hundreds of millions of years for a continent to move such a distance. And the animals have not been around that long. Besides they would have left when the climate started to get cold.

Places such as Ellesmere Island NW of Greenland it is nothing but frozen snow and ice all year long. The sun does not even come out for 6 months of the year making it impossible for these plants and animals to survive even if the climate had been warmer.

Positing a dimmer primeval stationary sun in the North exactly like the myths describe is the solution to this mystery. It would not only warm up the area all year but give it the infrared rays that would make life flourish.

This is also the answer to the ice age problem. In order to have an ice age there has to be heat to cause water to evaporate and cold to cause it to freeze. Due to the electrified atmosphere the Earth developed toroids that circled around both polar regions. Those circular rings of clouds and mist prevented light from entering these places and kept it cold. Therefore the ice was kept in circumpolar bands – one on each pole which is why animals and plants thrived in the northern most polar regions above the frozen areas.

Our world was once a vastly different place!