On June 30 1908 the sky seemed to open up
And people thought it was the end of the world

A ball of fire appeared that was brighter than the sun
It created a blast wave over the Tunguska region of Siberia

It had a bright tail with a wide range of colors
And was traveling at a relatively slow speed

It was seen in the sky between 5 and 10 minutes
And was moving southeast to northwest

The ball morphed into a brilliant white elongated object
And altered its course more than once

It traveled on a low horizontal trajectory creating acoustical waves
As it went overhead villagers were knocked off their feet

The interference of the airwaves even pulled some of them upwards
Resulting in a hard fall that caused injuries and even rendering unconsciousness

As it moved north it went over Lake Baikal
Lake Baikal is the deepest freshwater lake in the world
And is the location for a number of mysterious sightings and anomalous activity

Locals are told not to talk about their experiences
The enchanted forests around Lake Baikal are charged and said to be haunted

A magnetic storm resulted that lasted for over 5 hours
The storm reverberated loud thunder and created black smoke
The skies held a strange glow like illumination of a permanent bright twilight that continued for years

Take notice of Comet Leonard called the Green Comet
It has been said to have broken apart

Green is also the color of the identifying mark of the Beast System

Comet C/2021 E3 is also a green comet
C means non periodic
Discovered in 2021
E3 is the time period in which it will be closest to earth
In this case early March

The recent sightings of fireballs particularly over the US is for predictive programming
They are for you to believe we are suddenly being invaded by numerous comets or asteroids
They are projections meant to fool you

Comet C/2021 E3 will be projected as having plowed into the ocean
And setting off earthquakes volcanoes and tsunamis

These will be set off by laser beam technology or directed energy weapons
And the ensuing chaos will be used to attempt to bring in a New World Order

While ball lightning is a phenomenon that can occur
There is no such thing as an Oort cloud at the far reaches of our fake solar system harboring comets

There is no asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter
Planets are plasma and are not rocky spheres

Solid rocky planets and moons only exist in the textbooks of our fake astronomy
And in the stories of the fake NASA moon landings

March 11 might be the time where there is a projection of a comet flash
3 11 and 5 11 are coded numbers that frequently appear in the media

The fact that the Tunguska fireball altered its course a few times
Is more in line with the testing of an artificial device!