Our world is pressurized
And we have a confinement dome
Which keeps souls here

There is an alternating current of positive and negative
Flowing through our double vortex universe

The reality you see is what you are focusing
Your energy and your beliefs on
Your timeline is the intention of your thoughts

All of your turmoil is based on the misunderstanding of what your path is
Let go of old beliefs that do not resonate with the new structure
Hold a powerful resonance and you will know what buttons to push

When you react to the needs of others
You shift to a positive frequency
What you project is like a snapshot in front of you

Quantum trinity sound and light vibrational frequencies
Create codes of sequencies that produce geometrical patterns
Which manifest as matter

Take control of your reality
The heart is where you create
And with logic of the brain you manifest

When your pineal gland becomes like a pointing laser
You will produce sound waves which reconstruct negative frequencies into positive ones

Inflowing plasma will ionize the hydrogen and create red skies
The energy of the world will be amplified
And so will we

We live in incredibly exciting times
Have fun in the process

Create new melodies of power and joy
And move forward!