The Orion Belt is the location of a portal
It is the entry point of an artificial energy cord called the Umbilicus Network

From this portal the invading race uses Red Wave transmissions
To create mirrored holographic imagery and artificial reality systems
This Metatronic Net twists and distorts light energy to disconnect humans

And along with replication and cloning machinery
This has allowed for the occupation and inhabitation of human looking forms

Many that appear to be human are actually AI hive mind hybrids
Installed by the invaders to enslave the authentic angelic human race

This cord is attached to humans who have been tricked into the inverted practice of religious blood sacrifice
Who are now claimed ownership by aliens
Their souls are gradually disappearing

Balmoral castle in Scotland and the Bohemian Grove in Northern California
Are famous for their hunting of children

The Black Military is filled with genetically modified humans
They are biological drones called NPCs or non person characters

The inner earth is filled with crystals called Amenti crystals
They are being used to power loosh harvesting devices

We are being led by a bunch of clones
People cannot see it because that is not in their version of reality
And whatever does not fit is brushed aside

We can deconstruct this reality
And paint a new picture with our minds

If we hold a high vibrational sequence
No one can manipulate us

Do not react with fear
Fear will feed the negative structure

Remember everything is a hologram
That we individually and collectively project

Being thankful of who you are and the life you live
Will ignite the collective charge

We have already won and reached our ascension timeline
Higher Consciousness will see us through!