Large bells such as the Liberty Bell
Which is over 2000 pounds

And made of bronze
70% iron
25% tin

Were originally used to fend off
An energy frequency attack

They were intentionally cracked
To make them useless

Sculpture is many times
Real people turned to stone
Such as Lots wife
After the highly magnificent and wonderful
Cities of Sodom and Gomorrah
Were destroyed by an onslaught of beamed energy

Turning people to stone
Is accomplished by
Incasing the body
In a special veil
Or petrifying them
With high electrical energy

Was Nero really playing a violin or harp
When Rome was burning

Or did he have a fasces
Tring to create a vibration
To repel an energy assault

The high energy frequency array of today
Is referred to as HAARP
For this reason

It creates vibrations
That makes dolphins whales and turtles
Commit suicide on the beach!