In the ancient Gaelic Book of Wonder Voyages
An exploratory ship came to an uncharted island

When the sun rose and the day brightened
There sounded a noise
We pulled towards it and put in anchor

At first all they heard was the voice of the waves against the coastline
And just as they were ready to leave the boat and explore the island
Gigantic ants the size of foals which is a goat
Saw them and rushed out to the shore

The crew at first stood fixated stunned and amazed
Then the ants started forming an ant bridge out to them
They quickly hoisted sail and departed into deeper waters

Herodotus also speaks of fox sized furry ants
That live in the desert sands

They build deep tunnels along with high mounds
And unearth gold flakes
People risk their lives gathering up the gold

There are giant scorpion fossils found in Australia
And are termed Sea Scorpions

Imagine a hole forming in the sky
It breaks open and cracks like glass

Chunks or filaments of a hot unknown substance starts to come down
And people think the sky is falling
The new age is thrusting itself upon us

Suddenly there is an appearance of an electrical beam that flashes and descends toward earth
Then a beam of cold plasma shoots up from below and rushes up to meet the downward flow of hot plasma
Just like a bolt of lightning will rise up to meet a descending strike

It forms a flaming sword
The Staff of Hermes

Saturn will be magnetically pulled towards it and become yellow
It will reside in its midst and form a Y shape

The laser like beam will become a spiral
And form a yellow brick road

Mars will also be pulled towards the magnetic pole
It will eventually turn blue
That is why there is a red kachina and a blue kachina

A celestial city of cosmic lights is formed
Which is the City of Oz

The plasma tube starts spreading out
And creates a tree or a forest

Venus in her good aspect is the wife of Saturn or Mars and gives off a green glow
Which becomes the Garden of Eden

In her bad aspect
Venus is the Wicked Witch of the forest or underworld
And many small orbs become her followers

In the terrestrial world
The plasma infiltrates all living beings
And makes them grow large and imbues them with long lifespans

If anyone gets caught up in the tornado
They cannot go back
But they journey on down the yellow brick road
To the Land of Oz!