Before the pyramids
Before the time of Atlantis and Lemuria
Were the crystal cities

Crystal cities were the first human societies
They were created with a diamond codex and quartz keys
Into a crystalline transformation

We accessed the stargate template system
By our photonic light gene expression

We conducted plasma that incorporated earths energy
And the ethereal energy of higher states of being

We brought them into existence
By generating mental software of celestial origin

Remnants of these cities are found in coastal areas all over the world
They are referred to as glass beaches

At Fort Bragg in Northern California there are 38 acres of glass beaches
There are glass beaches in the Los Angeles and Orange County area
At Dana Point Capistrano Beach and San Clemente

They are in the San Diego area at La Jolla Sunset Cliffs and numerous other locations
And up in Washington at North Beach in Port Townsend and in Port Angeles

They are in the Gulf of Mexico especially Louisiana and Florida and at Lake Pontchartrain
Along the east coast and at Cape May in New Jersey

They are in Puerto Rico at Spanish Wall and Rincon
They are in The Bahamas and Australia and at Crystal Cove in New Zealand
Also in Hawaii at Hanapepe Bay in Kauai

The glasses come in all shapes and many bright sparkling colors
Turquoise amber aqua blue red brown and clear

There is a fake storyline at all these places
That the glass is discarded garbage
Why would they discard glass that they could easily melt and reuse

The glass will communicate with you
Give it a vibrational match by putting your saliva on it

The crystalline glass technology is the same as the crystal skulls
That carry information and communicate with other skulls

The crystal glass rehabilitates you
It does not allow fear or a broken heart or negativity of any kind
The crystals keep you in a positive frequency

The Emerald Tablets are of the same technology

The cities were obliterated by weaponry
And there are many intact structures under the ground

We were originally crystalline silicon beings
And existed in a less dense state

Our consumption of earths edibles turned us into carbon
Eventually children became solidified in the carbon structure

Get a sense of who you actually are
And be awake in our dream world!