Our quest for neuro chemical stimulation
Knows no bounds

Gas station heroin is now available
Which is another opium under the name of Za Za and Tianna
You can kill yourself over the counter now

People make the big mistake of trusting their doctor
And get hooked on oxycontin and fentanyl prescriptions

The government pretends it is doing something about it
By putting fake billion dollar fraud settlements on the news

Meth is an expanding problem
With the average cost of $200.00 dollars a day
Meth addicts become homeless and only concerned about their next hit

We carry around thoughts of fear shame and guilt
While trying to bury our unconscious insecurities

The ego comes to the fore
And the script that is created is an illusion

The corrupted human software then blames others
And spends a monumental waste of time thinking about how they were screwed over
Becoming heartless as well as heartbroken

When you react by focusing on negative coercion and manipulation
You bind yourself to that low vibration

Miracles are a shift in perception
That result in a divergence of expressions

When you shift from ego to service to others
You connect to higher frequencies

Karma that has been created will have to be played out
Many times in the next incarnation

You have to learn the lessons that your higher self wants you to learn
When you forgive others you forgive yourself

You are projecting others and their treatment of you into your life
So that your soul can learn

When you are positively projecting yourself
And treating yourself and others in a positive way

Then you are moving yourself into the 5th dimensional reality
With higher vibrations and a unity consciousness

You will experience connection
And feelings of compassion toward others

There will be a thrill of hope
As the weary soul rejoices!