The previous Tartarian culture was more advanced
It was more ethical and more holistic

Russia was the center of the Tartarian world
The Kremlin was the operating center of Tartarian Russia

The Old Testament books of Ezra and Nehemiah
Describe the measurements of the walls gates and towers of the Kremlin
And not the Temple of Solomon

Much of the literature of the Old Testament
Is stolen from the Tartarians
And was used to create a fictional account of the history of Israel

This was done to sell their religions
Which placed the traitors of humanity in positions of power

The steps and doors of the Temple of Solomon are enormous
And was built by giants

The medieval period was the classical period
They were not separated by a fictitious dark age

Airships or Zeppelins were common and used for centuries
The Nazca lines in Peru as well as other incredible large formations around the world
Were meant to be seen from the air

The Hindenburg was intentionally destroyed by filling it with flammable gas
To promote the idea that they were unsafe

As Tartarian provinces fell
Zeppelins were confiscated and carried energy weapons that were unleashed on cities
And eradicated the citizens

Pyramids and obelisks were also hit and rendered inoperative

The cities in the Southern USA were destroyed between 1811 and 1819
And not by invading Yankees in the manufactured Civil War

It was at this time also the Arctic and Antarctic were frozen
By an artificial magnetic field

The Mayflower had masts that were energy gathering rods
It was used as a warship

The Titanic was built by the Tartarians
It was refitted with smokestacks to look like a steamship
It never sank but emerged as its sister ship The Atlantic

The 1859 Carrington Event electrocuted cities and depopulated them
The Bronx in New York City remained empty and was said to be because of urban decay
This also caused liquefaction of the ground and created a mud flood

When the lower floors of old brick buildings are beneath ground level
It is because of the mud flood
When old city streets are dug out they become tourist attractions

The beautiful old buildings with marble pillars
And remarkable geometric design patterns are Tartarian
They have been converted to city halls and post offices

The architecture was liquidated into form by sound resonances

Old mansions had highly effective energy radiators
Which are now said to be fireplaces

Freemasons got their name because they came and took control of the free masonry
Presidents and people with the most power have all been Freemasons!