The Glory of God
Were the radial discharge streamers of Venus
Venus was in front of Saturn in the former age

These discharges took various forms
A three legged whirling Triskelion
A cross
A swastika
A hexagon
A pentagon

When increased charge produced more streamers

It looked like a labyrinth
Or intestines
Or a knot

The Crane dance of Theseus
Was Mars entering the Labyrinth

This was also the Tandava dance of Shiva

These streamers also looked like hair

Inanna who was Venus was said to say
I will whirl my hair in heaven

This formed the Medusa
With wild disheveled hair
And snakes protruding from her head

The giant Humbaba lived in a fortress
Of knotted intestines

When Mars ascended in front of Venus
It was the warrior hero unraveling the intestines
Or Perseus and the Gordian Knot

It the labor of Hercules

Or Theseus slaying the Minotaur

The discharging of Mars
Was also seen as Gilgamesh slaying the snake Anzu
Anzu had settled at the top of the tree which was planted by Ishtar
Who was Venus

It was said that the swastika is the heart of Apollo
Who was also Mars

It was on the cross that Mars was resurrected and glorified
The Son of God who through death was born again

Lucifer who was the alter ego of Mars
Wanted to ascend to the Congregation of the North
Above the stars
And be like the Most High
Who was Saturn

But he descended to The Pit
Which was Sheol
The lowest part of heaven

Mars became the Devil
With horns and a tail
And a three pronged fork
Which was a symbol of an electrical discharge