The Manhatton Project was not about producing bombs
There is no need for bombs since wars are all managed

But like the fake Apollo program which cost 100 billion dollars
Which covers up the real space program called Project Serpo
Whose goal is to provide human bodies for dark entities

The 25 billion dollar Manhatton Project also is a cover for something else
Which is the existence of high energy weaponry
That was used on previous civilizations
And is used to destroy buildings from those previous eras

That is what was used on Hiroshima and Nagasaki
And was used on Paradise California

It has been used on what is now ghost towns
Or places with just the outline of streets remaining such as California City

This laser beam technology is used to start forest fires
Which is blamed on climate change which is blamed on us

Our government has a history of faking events
And covering up real events

Top secret spacecraft have amplifiers which pulse in sequence at 7.46 hertz
That revolve around the central coil of the disc
They go to the dark side of the AI moon called Papoose Lake

Strip away the phony tinsel of Hollywood and you will see demons underneath
Microchipped demons in biosynthetic human form
That hide their human anomalies

The NBA is now a bunch of synthetics on steroids

Mainstream history is a false narrative
The Game of Thrones was the taking down of Tartarian kingdoms
By intrigue bribery and deception
Those who did not bow down were killed

Countries are now run by hooded witches at Black Masses
Who poison the brainwashed mind
And remain in power bound by blood and secrecy

They keep our lifespans short and our minds weak
Pretending to do the opposite

They promise to find a cure for their induced diseases
While feeding us more poisons

They inject us with nano particles and metals
Saying it is for our health
We are fed this deception from birth

They make sure our crops are sprayed with glyphosate
And our streets with calcium chloride

Our water is filled with fluoride and chlorine
All poisons block our energy and lower our vibration

Now they have 5G up and running
Which radiates microwaves into our cells
Negatively affecting our sanctum sanctorum

They are astral energy vampires
Who also drink our blood
While running a huge psyop
Making us believe the negative is the positive!