Dentists will tell you
That fluoride is healthy
And that is the reason it is in toothpaste
And dumped in the water supply

But sodium fluoride is a toxic waste product
Of phosphate rock

By adding sulfuric acid
They separate the fluoride and the phosphate
Creating toxic fluoride compounds

Dentists encourage you to do unnecessary and harmful
Things to your teeth
Such as root canals
Because they profit from it

Keeping out bacteria
Without a root to supply a blood flow
Is impossible

They drill out healthy parts of your teeth
To put fillings on

They drill out neighboring teeth
To put a bridge on

Their x-rays
Damage soft tissue

They scrape off precious enamel

Teeth are valuable
For eating
And our attractiveness

And teeth are part of our bioelectrical make-up

Having metal in your mouth
Disrupts the energy flow