Did the Germans really use the fat of dead Jewish bodies as soap?
The skin for lampshades?
Crushed bones for mattresses?
Hair for slippers?
Were the bodies also used for fertilizer?
Did they shrink heads and display them?
Was an electric conveyer belt used to drop Jews off in a underground morgue where the bodies were vaporized by a new invention?
Or could these possibly be wartime rumors which the winning side decided to fraudulently manipulate in order demonize the losing side.
A way of justifying the invasion.
Auschwitz in Southern Poland is supposed to be the major prison camp where gassing of Jews took place.
Of the six million Jews that are said to have been exterminated four million of them are supposed to be at Auschwitz.
Six million was the same figure that was used in WW1 but then discarded.
There were about as many non-Jews at Auschwitz as there was Jews.
Catholics being the major non Jewish group.
There were three different areas at Auschwitz.
Auschwitz-Monowitz: a huge industrial facility making war goods and ammunition.
Auschwitz-Berkenau: a newly built internment labor camp able to hold tens of thousands.
And the older Auschwitz main camp.
The main camp had a hospital, post office, commissary, swimming pool, soccer field, library and theatre.
These are not shown or mentioned on camp tours.
Commandment Rudolph Hoess was in charge of Auschwitz.
His job was to keep order and to make sure Auschwitz-Monowitz had free labor.
In the summer of 1942 a bad outbreak of typhoid occurred and many people died.
Afterwards people refused to work.
As retribution for insubordination Commandment Hoess executed some prisoners.
He was soon replaced.
New regulations were enforced in which all prisoners had to have their hair shaved off to prevent lice and the spread of typhoid.
The ground around the camp was marshy.
It was frozen much of the year due to the long Polish winter and burying the dead was unfeasible.
A morgue and crematorium were needed.
So they converted the air-raid shelter to a crematorium with 2 morgues in the basement.
During the war many aerial photos were taken of Auschwitz.
Especially in the summer of 1944 when the most amount of atrocities were said to be happening.
This was when 400,000 Hungarian Jews are supposed to have been gassed.
But in the pictures there was never any lines at the crematorium where the gas chambers were supposed to be.
And people were never herded from the trains to the crematorium as is commonly depicted.
In January of 1945 the Soviet army reached Auschwitz.
This was the same army whose policy was to rape as many German women as possible.
They wanted to demonize the Germans.
So they tried to make the crematorium look like a gas chamber.
The director and curator of the Auschwitz complex in the 1990’s even admitted to this.
The Russians built a chimney but it wasn’t even connected to the crematorium building.
They smashed out the inner walls and tore out the plumbing.
They tried to make it look like one big room where people were gassed.
You can still see the drains where the bathroom and sink was.
There is now an open doorway where an inside door to the oven room was.
There is still a manhole right in the middle area which was a former escape hatch in the original air-raid shelter.
There are windows.
Why would a gas chamber have a window?
Why didn’t the prisoners just break the glass and escape?
The main door is wooden and opens to and locks from the inside.
Why weren’t the Nazis locked out?
There are four smashed in holes in the ceiling where the Zyklon-B gas granules are said to have been dropped.
Lethal gas would have escaped in the drains, manhole, windows, door and ceiling holes.
It would have invaded the Auschwitz complex killing many.
The Germans are known for their engineering.
They would know that to have a gas chamber it would have to be hermetically sealed.
They would know there would have to be an intake valve to input the gas and an output valve to take it out safely.
They would not have made a gas chamber haphazardly in a hazardous way.
To gas 4 million Jews and then incinerate their bodies in the 2 crematorium ovens in about 2 and 1/2 years is an impossibility.
A cremation of just one body takes at least few hours.
Zyklon-B which was commonly used at the time was said to be the agent that produced the lethal gas.
But there are no dark blue stains on the walls in the so-called gas chamber which would result from the cyanide in the Zyklon-B.
The Zyklon-B was a fumigant to delouse furniture, clothes and anything infested with lice.
The typhoid epidemic was spread by lice.
The disinfection rooms have markedly dark blue stains on their walls.
In none of the gassing stories are the guards depicted with any kind of gas protection.
The capsules of Zyklon-B have to be heated in order for the cyanide gas to be released.
How they were heated was never mentioned in any of the stories.
At the end of the war food was scarce and running water ceased.
Due to insanitary conditions and lack of food another typhoid outbreak occurred.
But this one was at Bergen-Belsen.
Anne Frank whose diary is written with a ball point pen which was not available until after the war is portrayed as having survived Auschwitz and then dying at Bergen-Belsen.
After the war most former inmates at Auschwitz said they were not aware of the gassings.
The ones who describe gassings describe other hard to believe stories like German guards spearing babies with the end of their rifles and roasting them on a fire.
The internment camps were actually a safe place to be because they were never bombed.
Due to the lack of food and nourishment at the wars end prisoners were emaciated.
But the pictures of the piles of dead bodies were from Dresden.
They had made Dresden a safe haven and so Germans flocked there from all over the country.
But then the Americans carpet bombed the city killing hundreds of thousands.
More precisely energy weapons were used.
When stone, cement or brick buildings are turned to ashes.
And right outside trees remain standing and are left unsinged.
Like what has been happening in California.
That it is a sure sign energy weapons were used.
After the war Americans herded the German soldiers into POW camps.
The Germans thought they would get fair treatment.
But they were not allowed food or shelter.
Upwards of 2 million German soldiers died of starvation and exposure at wars end.
These camps became known as the Eisenhower Death camps.
Germany has had to pay Israel restitution for their war crimes.
It was the Germans who suffered a holocaust at the hands of the Americans.
Wars are run by the Jewish aristocracy.
And the leaders are their puppets.