Each DNA strand corresponds
To a dimensional frequency band of consciousness
Connecting us to our stations of identity
That makes up our spiritual intelligence

These energetic aspects of ourselves
Allow us to access future timelines

Lifting us out of the matrix of alien machinery
Which connects us to reversal networks and dormant frequencies
That has proliferated earth miasma
By unplugging our DNA
Which is deceptively referred to as junk DNA

We are now being plugged back in by the energized magnetic field

Our 12 strand DNA is required for full ascension
And passage through the stargate system

The massive densification from alien architecture
Damaged the genetic integrity of all life forms

As well as causing climate change
Which resulted in the lack of food
Driving some animals into predatory behaviors

This mutation has also promoted
Primitive and destructive behaviors in humans
Which is part of the alien divide and conquer enslavement agenda
Of repeated incarnations

This began during the fall of Atlantis Egypt and Sumaria
Which exploded the crystalline networks
That contained genetic time codes
And the cellular alphabet of our DNA

The cellular alphabet is the mechanism
The cell uses for sending internal messages
Such as determining the use of specific proteins
For repairing genes

But now the time codes and cellular alphabet
Are being released in their organic sequences
This is the Crystal Core activation
Uniting the 12 vector base code nucleotides of both genders
Of which only 4 are currently active

Manifesting in crystalline structures in the blood
Which cause molecular change and cellular transformation
Affecting the Merkaba spin rate
Which influences the movement of current in the ley lines

Sonic pulses during this magnetic peak
Are circulating massive amounts of plasma currents

The collapse of the magnetic field removed our natural language
And greatly affected our ability to communicate with animals

This was the collapse of the Tower of Babel
Which was the Universal Axis or Tree of Life

It went dark
Scrambling our DNA and blocking our chakras
Impacting brain receivers and hormonal messaging
In the hypothalamus thalamus pineal thyroid and thymus glands

Our life span at this time was shortened
And an off world human trafficking scheme was set up!