When you eradicate fear and false beliefs from your life
Your energetic resonance will draw in a new reality

Our true history is one of high technology and enlightenment

Stupas are named so because people believe they are religious shrines
And not electrical transmitters in a highly advanced free energy system

The medieval world is the classical world

The Bible portrays humans as wandering sheepherders for millennia

The entirety of the Wild West was created in the 1930s through movies and radio
Then drilled into our consciousness with an abundance of western TV shows

People believe Chinese railroad workers drilled through mountains of granite or basalt in a few days
Then built enormous bridges over wide canyons

What really happened is that they helped to dig out the railroad tracks that were buried
From the melting of the ground that ended the previous epoch

It is taught that the Empire State Building was finished in 5 months in 1930
When it is a Tartarian creation in the former era
As are a lot of other buildings

The Empire State Building and train stations
Had infrastructure where dirigibles would load and unload passengers

When one lies they ultimately hurt themselves

It is taught believe cows milk is for humans
And their muscles and tendons and organs are for our consumption

Our culture thinks turkeys are for sandwiches

All animal products are unhealthy and the result of suffering
Eating other beings lowers your vibration

They desire to live just like we do

Animal protein is hard to digest and thus creates harmful free radicals
It is a lie of the meat and dairy industry that it is quality protein which we need

The saturated fat and cholesterol is stored because it cannot be properly assimilated or eliminated
It then blocks arteries smothers organs and impedes natural body processes

Eating each other is not natural
And is the result of off world influence

You would not eat your dog
God did not make some animals to love and some to eat

In other cultures eating dogs is fine but eating cows is sacrilegious
Its a matter of how we are indoctrinated

The deceived public also believes life is not possible
Without pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines

Doctors are drug pushers for pharmaceutical companies
And get financially rewarded for doing so

80 percent of Americans have now taken the gene changing shot
Because they believe what they see and hear on TV

Television tells lies to your vision!